White Chicks

2006-03-30 12:48


A pair of inept FBI agents are assigned to protect two spoilt heiresses from a gang of would be kidnappers. They decide the best way to catch the kidnappers is to disguise themselves as the girls and take their place at a big society shindig. With a little help from the FBI's prosthetics department, the agents are soon hob-knobbing with the rich and famous. But how will they handle trips to the beach, the shopping mall or the local disco?

What the critics are saying:

"The idea that this twosome...successfully pass themselves off as dainty debutantes is ridiculous enough, but the real insult is that the film's team of (six!) writers couldn't muster one original thought between them."
- Stella Papamichael, BBCi Film

"Most movies require some suspension of disbelief. But White Chicks ... requires something more radical than that. A full frontal lobotomy might be a good place to start."
- Dave Kehr, The New York Times

"Are there any insights about the races here? No. Are there any insights into the gender gap? No. As men or women, black or white, the Wayans brothers play exactly the same person: an interchangeable cog in a sitcom."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

The Wayans brothers are Hollywood's own scrap merchants - who needs new ideas when you can just recycle old ones? Just blend up those cliches with a continuous stream of fart jokes, add a pinch of racism and voila - you've made the worst comedy of the year.

Joe Moore 2004/12/14 8:06 AM
This is the worst? I rather enjoy recycled old ideas. In fact I cannot recall giggling as much for quite some time. I'd definitely be interested in what the critic considers the "best" comedy of the year. Sure, the storyline (?!) is too ridiculous to comment upon, but entertaining? I'd say yes. My opinion is that you are a touch "hard" on the Wayan brothers (are you perhaps a "white chick"?). I doubt if they pretend that the comedy was anything other than light-hearted, yet you review the movie as if it were on an award nominee shortlist. I need movies like this. I laugh without thinking or the need to assess artistic merit. As I highly intellectual, morally upright and respected member of my community, chill time comes all too rarely. I say keep 'em coming!
Drew Peacock 2004/12/14 11:34 AM
Really Joe? But surely there are better silly comedies? I'm not suggesting every movie needs to strive for artistic greatness, but there's no excuse for lazy writing. I loved Scary Movie (another Wayans film) - but I really found this tedious and a bit sexist. Why not watch "Bride and Prejudice" - that is original and also hilarious. Bride and Prejudice
Widad 2004/12/14 12:50 PM
White Chicks Gr8 movie, like all the others written by them!!!!
Zoe 2004/12/14 7:11 PM
Quite Enjoyable... I didn't have high expectations of this film when I saw it. And I thought it was good for what it is. It is meant to be goofy and silly and I think it delivered in this way. Maybe I am just weird, but I do not regret seeing "White Chicks", and would see it again... Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Jake 2004/12/15 8:18 PM
Who's Joe? I really enjoyed this movie, more than any other of the Wayan's brothers' movies. I still don't get who Drew Peacock is addressing though. The Grudge
Bianca 2004/12/21 10:13 PM
The coolest movie That was the best movie i've seen in Years!its funny and stupid, and i'd watch it over and over again.I LOVED that movie,it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
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