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Why Did I Get Married?

2008-07-28 10:54
What it's about:

Four couples, who have been friends since college, gather for their annual week-long vacation in the mountains to reevaluate their relationships. But the wintery retreat is not without its drama as marital (and extra marital) secrets are exposed and each couple is forced to face the not so pretty truth about themselves and their spouses and assess why they got married.

What we thought of it:

Why Did I Get Married? is yet another formulaic Tyler Perry film. But that's what his audience has come to expect.

However, below the Big Chill formula lies a fun script. Married will not only do well with African American audiences (Perry's biggest fan base); its universal themes will also resonate with international audiences too. People love watching others trying to fix their friends' relationships for the same reason self-help books are so popular: they offer easy solutions to difficult problems. It's much easier to sit back and let someone else figure out the Rubik's Cube that is your life than to do it yourself.

This time round, Perry seems to have learnt the art of subtlety, a refreshing break from the obvious setups in his Madea films. There's genuine chemistry and an improved natural flow to Married, which could be attributed to Perry's growing experience behind the camera and his choice of cast.

Jill Scott has successfully made it onto critics' "Actresses To Watch" lists with a power-house performance as chunky housewife Sheila, who has to lose what's most dear to her to find herself. Scott dominates scenes with absorbing emotional declarations, at times showing up the casts' joint comedic effort and even Janet Jackson's mediocre 'perfect Patty' act.

Why Did I Get Married? is exactly what Tyler Perry fans have come to expect and want: spiritual undertones, slapstick humour and relatable drama. Now if only he'd be content with staying behind the camera and quit acting in his own movies.

- Megan Kakora

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Formulaic but fun, Tyler Perry has churned out yet another audience friendly comedy, and discovered great screen talent in R&B singer Jill Scott.

Lebogang 2008/02/28 10:24 AM
it still work and rocks me even more He will never go out of style,his movies are funny ,interesting,abd educative,his selection of actore its amazing,i woud watch all his movies till hi stops producing,thatnk u Perry for grate movies.i love him.he rocks.
base 2008/02/28 10:29 AM
great job he movies are well written,cast well choosen,his a grate actor and why not act in his own movies,i love his films,i love his charm,i love style.
sylvester 2008/02/28 11:52 AM
why did i get married being perry"s fan i already know im gonna luv the movie ur preview is enough to get me excited
Sandy 2008/02/28 3:00 PM
Why i did i get married I really love the movie even though i haven't watch it, Tyler Perry is very good actor and producer.
Khosi 2008/02/28 3:30 PM
why did i get married I LOVE TYLER and i honestly think his movies are realistic. Diary of a mad back woman, Daddy's Little Girls, Madeas Homecoming, Madeas Fam Reunion,etc. I am sure this one will be no different!!
thabang 2008/02/28 4:02 PM
why did I get married As someone who's about to propose I can't wait to seee Perry's wonderful work. I so look forward to seeing this one, he's a jam.
Glynis 2008/02/28 5:46 PM
Watched this last night - STUNNING! Since I have lots of IT friends, I get to see the latest movies before they hit the cinema.... anyway I watched this last night - and its one of Perry's best! I love the madea series, but every married person needs to see this movie! absolutely stunning!
Debbie 2008/03/04 3:09 PM
Why did I get married I absolutely loved this movie. I recently got engaged and my fiance and I went to go watch it. For all couples who is recently married or is going to get married, this is a must see movie.
Siphiwe 2008/03/25 9:05 AM
Why Did I Get Married definitely a must-see for everyone keen on realistic feel good movie...I was completely blown away!
PULE 2008/03/28 2:45 PM
Why did i get married Hell Yeah!!! Tyler Perry's formula still works i mean who i the world wouldn't like to have Tyler's Movies in their collection?
PULENG 2008/03/29 11:55 AM
WHY DID I GET MARRIED this is a must see movie. divas, the movie is so good, i give it 100% in all genres: comedy, drama, etc. the message is so clear. DO NOT STAY IN A RELATIONSHIP FOR BAD REASON. if you are big, its your body, appreciate it and peeps who love you will certainly still love you in that big body. big ups Tyler
Leigh-Ann 2008/04/11 7:42 AM
Why did I get married Why only 3 stars Megan? we LOVED this movie - it's so real, and why can't Tyler act in his own movie? He's so funny and I thought there was great chemistry between the cast members.loved it, loved it, loved it
Melanie 2008/04/15 8:14 AM
Absolutely Gorgeous! I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. Besides the amazing cast, the storyline is brilliant.It certainly made me realise that the tiffs I sometimes have with my man are of very little substance when you're confronted with the issues in these people's lives.It made me more appreciative of my boo that's for sure!The movie is a gem - from start to finish (and I don't mind if Tyler Perry acts in his own movies - he's brilliant!)
khombi 2008/05/16 10:49 AM
BRILLIANT!!! BRAVO TYLER ON WHY DID I GET MARRIED it is funny yet touch on every aspect married couple face these days. Jill scott u made me cry girl and tyler is so yummy infact all the men are so mmmmmmmm in this movie. Black folks can ACTS.
Mpho 2008/06/24 3:31 PM
why did we get married Im just 19 but this movie changed my perspective about marriage, I think Tyler did a wonderful job.I even got to see the other side of Jill Scott,Janet Jackson was also perfect. I hate sequenced Movies but i would definetly not mind to see the second version of this one.
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