Why Did I Get Married Too?

2010-10-15 11:26
What it's about:

Four couples who have known each other since high school go on their annual vacation together, to evaluate their marriages and face the constant question: Why did they get married? While in the Bahamas, the friends reconnect and share stories about their lives and relationships. Everyone seems to be having a great time until one of the friends' exes makes an unexpected appearance.

What we thought:

In the sequel to Why Did I Get Married, you have to wonder if there's anything new to say about this tired topic. It's the same cast talking about the same thing, so what would be so different this time around? 

The truth is, nothing has really changed.

Angela (Tasha Smith) is still insecure, loud and ghetto as ever and she is still giving her husband Marcus (Michael Jai White) hell.  How their relationship lasts beats me.

Through all their drama, they still make you laugh. They live on the light side of life and take you away from the tense and emotional story line. All the couples are faced with challenges which are really hard and it makes it difficult to identify which dilemma is greater than the other, because all the issues they are facing could break any marriage.

All the couples had reconciled and fixed all their problems in the first Why Did I Get Married. Luckily for the movie franchise, more marriage problems emerge as the marriage grows, making more room for sequels. The storyline is simple and anyone can relate to it, whether you are married or not. It’s a story about love, tenacity and how to hold on to the one you love with all you’ve got.

The acting is amazing. Tyler Perry’s decision to use the same cast for most of his movies works really well for him. The four couples share an amazing relationship. Their friendship appears to be true, which makes the movie believable.

Patricia (Janet Jackson) is the force that brings everyone together and in the process she neglects her own problems. She is always there for her friends no matter what, but while she does this and suppresses her own pain and disillusionment, she is losing herself in the process.

Patricia is the main character this time around, because without her the movie would not hold real weight as everything revolves around her book and her advice is supposed to keep the couples together. In the first movie, Patricia's role was downplayed, but here she's centre stage, cracks and all.

What happens when the glue that holds everything together doesn't stick anymore? It's just four couples trying to stick with it in a movie that depicts a certain reality about love, resilience and relationships.

Tyler Perry brings us the next chapter in the lives of eight college friends struggling with the challenges of marital life.
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Cisca 2010/09/30 12:19 PM
I loved the first Why Did I Get Married. Can't wait to see the sequel. Tyler Perry is amazing and I love all his stuff.
preshen govender 2010/09/30 3:49 PM
the first half was really boring it improve toward the end
koki 2010/10/04 7:27 PM
If you're just looking for a good lough, then this would be a movie for you. "Why did I get married too" has some rather funny moments, though I felt that Perry sometimes sacrificed reality for the sake of commedy. The fact that it opens in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the cinematographer denied us the beauty of the scenery. The problem with sequels is that you have to justify why the 1st one wasn't enough. In this case, it felt as though Perry felt the first one wasn't melodramatic enough. With that being said, it was an ok movie. Though I give tabs to Perry for having come this far from a very hard beginning, I feel that now would be a good time for him to decide what he wants to do and when. His 5 in one multi-tasking is starting to cost him artistic quality. Unless of course if his goal is to create mediocre films.
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