2006-03-30 12:51


Britain's Peter Colt (Paul Bettany) has never quite lived up to his dreams of tennis stardom. Once ranked number 11 in the world, he has now slipped to 119 as his confidence slowly ebbs away. Now, on the eve of his departure from professional tennis, he's granted a wild card, allowing him to play his final Wimbledon tournament.

On the other end of the scale is American bad girl Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst) - the promising new hotshot playing at her first Wimbledon. Determined and highly driven, Lizzie lets nothing get in her way of the win.

Peter's plans of retirement are put on hold when a chance meeting with Lizzie sparks into an affair. With his confidence boosted, Peter achieves the unthinkable and wins his first match. Fuelled by his newfound luck in love Peter continues his winning streak, gradually working his way up the ranks.

As the tournament wears on Lizzie finds something even more unexpected. Once a confirmed man-eating bachelorette, she finds herself falling for a British used-to-be loser with the heart of a winner. Now if Peter's (and Lizzie's) luck can just hold out...

What the critics are saying:

"A join-the-dots romantic comedy, Wimbledon is worth watching for the magnetism of Paul Bettany."
- Nev Pierce, BBCi Film

"The Bjorn Borg of romantic comedies: precise, good-looking, dependable and serviceable, if predictable."
- Carina Chocano, Los Angeles Times

"Always light, always breezy and anything but coy, Wimbledon is entirely watchable and entirely forgettable the moment it's over."
- Bob Longino, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Paul Bettany shines in this charming romantic comedy set amidst the cut and thrust of professional tennis's most famous tournament.

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