Wrong Turn

2006-03-30 12:18

Chris (Desmond Harrington) has a job interview in Raleigh in three hours and he's making good time until an accident turns Chris' three-hour trip into a six-hour wait.

Determined to make his critical appointment, Chris heads back up the West Virginia highway. Running low on fuel, he finds a dirt road that seemingly intersects the highway after about 20 miles. It's clearly a road less travelled, but it seems to be a quick fix to get around the highway traffic jam.

Not far away, Jessie (Eliza Dushku) and her friends survey what's left of their road trip - a blow out has left them stranded deep in the middle of the woods. Just then Chris roars around the curve, loses control and slams into the back of the Jessie's car, scattering the people surrounding it.

Luckily, no one is seriously hurt in the collision but egos are bruised and tempers flare. Then Jessie discovers the barbed wire that was stretched across the road. The blown out tires were seemingly the result of a prank.

The group bands together, determined to find a phone. As four of the group venture deeper into the woods, they discover a mountain cabin filled with grisly hunting weapons and horrific souvenirs of the hunt.

They are now certain that whoever - or whatever - lives in the cabin is responsible for the barbed-wire trap. What they don't know is that the friends they left by the car are now dead - massacred by three gruesome mountain men. Facing a horrific fate at the hands of these killers, the four remaining friends are sure of only one thing: they will never go camping again.

What the critics are saying:

"A movie that runs out of people to kill very quickly and seems in a huge hurry to be over."
- Jim Slotek, Jam! Movies

"With Stan Winston's disturbingly realistic effects and spine-chilling mountain men, Wrong Turn takes the concept of hillbillies to a whole new level. You seriously may never go into the woods again."
- Guylaine Cadorette, Hollywood.Com

"I'd like to say that there's a good movie buried somewhere within the rote and predictable narrative of Wrong Turn, but that would just be the horror freak in me trying to find a silver lining."
- Scott Weinberg, Efilmcritic.Com

An unremarkable "slasher" film that seems a great waste of the talents of the people involved. Stan Winston's gorgeously gory effects may provide for some momentary thrills, but the rest is boring - dead boring.

Echelu Herbert 2004/03/22 10:15 AM
true love it is so exciting true love
stef 2005/05/08 4:34 PM
wrong turn i think they overdid it with the monsters.they could have made them a bit less grusam thank you!!but i think it deserves a higher rating because the acting was brilliant, you could just feel the fear in them!but one thing i dont get, is that when they jump into the trees, they get up without even having more than a scratch!if i would jump from that high, id definately brake something!!
Sia 2007/01/23 1:43 PM
Lovely What i can say is the movie is enjoyable it is really and exciting. It deserves better rating
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