X-Men 2

2007-06-04 14:36

Some movies make me yearn to be a teenage boy again, to immerse myself fully in their shiny glamour, their unmistakable 'coolness', and forget about plot holes and wooden acting. And you don't get much cooler than X-MEN 2.

This second edition is a lot fuller and more complex than the first movie which, though flashy, was fairly insubstantial. In the film the X-Men must join forces with their arch-enemy Magneto to stop a deranged general from destroying all the mutants on earth. Along the way we meet a number of new mutants, both good and evil, and we explore the depth of the stock characters (in particular Wolverine) more fully.

Director Bryan Singer was granted a substantial budget increase for this edition after the success of the first film, and it shows. The film serves up a lavish feast of special effects that should impress even the most cynical of film goers.

Singer has also remained largely faithful to the origins of the series. His respect for his source is canny - he knows that the legions of comic book fans will make the movie a success, as long as the material is properly handled.

Both the plot and the acting are generally unexceptional, but are more than good enough to complement the main purpose of the film - to dazzle us visually. A brilliantly convoluted plot structure or stellar acting performances would probably only distract from that purpose.

If you're looking for realistic human drama or superb dialogue then X-MEN 2 is going to disappoint you. On the other hand if you're looking for a highly polished and seamless piece of entertainment, you can't do better.

This second edition of the comic book adaptation is bigger, bolder and better than the first X-Men, but don't expect any realistic human drama.

Jason 2003/05/05 11:08 AM
Seen it. Will see it again As an X-Men fan I thoroughly enjoyed it. From beginning to end. Surprised with the introduction of Phoenix so early but anyway. Wait in anticipation for number 3.
bob 2003/05/05 11:35 AM
IT's great wonderful, true to the comix. go see it. Spiderman
bob 2003/05/05 11:37 AM
Also, you've got to see Batman the same sort of dark, brooding special effects.
Samantha 2003/05/05 11:40 AM
Great stuff!! I will definately watch this movie again. The ending surprised me. Finally she has turned into Phoenix. The Hours
Kay 2003/05/05 12:40 PM
Popcorn Days Watched X-Men last night, great fun.
Annette 2003/05/05 12:42 PM
Keep coming back for more... WOW! Those special effects were something to talk about. I am hooked on Wolverine!
Gert 2003/05/05 1:27 PM
Better than the first Personally I think that number two was much better than number one. I love the comics and the cartoon series.
Steven 2003/05/05 1:31 PM
Steve Thought the movie was pretty good. Worth a look. Commando
Storm 2003/05/05 1:53 PM
Check out www.xmen2.co.za and win! Saw it last night and it was AWESOME! Totally better than the first one - and I LOVED that one! ;-) HIGHLY recommended. Also check out http://www.xmen2.co.za - cool mutant generator and u can win cool Xmen prizes!
Kerry 2003/05/05 2:15 PM
AWESOME If you thought the first X-MEN movie was good this one is the absolute ultimate. Awesome specular effects and Wolverine is more potent than ever!
Raj 2003/05/05 2:34 PM
Awesome movie! Absolutly awesome movie. Just hope that the hype for the Matrix Reloaded doesnt kill poeple's impression of this movie.
Ryan M 2003/05/06 10:47 AM
GOOD REVIEW I think Alistair (The reviewer) is an excellent reviewer. MWEB should hire more like him. Fair review!! Matrix 2
Elaine 2003/05/07 7:28 PM
Great stuff! Great stuff! Lots for both guys and girls. Wonderful action, effects and great looking actors! The Recruit
Chris Barnard 2003/05/08 10:06 AM
X2 review The best movie for 2003. I highly recommend it for ANY person wanting to see a excellent movie. Brilliant!
olawale lanre 2003/05/08 9:05 PM
x-men great stuff, wonder action. matrix 2
Joburger 2003/05/11 6:28 PM
X - Cellent! The sets are bigger! The effects are better. The relationships all intensify and it is set to kick some Matrix butt! The Hours
J.P.Conradie 2003/05/14 12:00 PM
XMen 2 Better than the first one. Really entertaining and well worth the watch.
melu 2003/05/15 2:14 PM
x-men the movies is good s far as i am concerned. i rate it a 8 of 10 x-men
Marc Theyers 2003/05/16 3:41 PM
X-Men brilliant mATRIX 2
kitty 2003/05/16 9:00 PM
xmen2 brilliant better than the first deserves 5out of5 xmen2
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