XxX2: The Next Level

2006-03-30 13:02


NSA Agent Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson), fresh from the success of his last renegade recruitment, once again finds himself in need of an outsider. Gibbons and his new agent Darius Stone (Ice Cube), also code-named "xXx," must track a dangerous military splinter group led by Willem Dafoe that is conspiring to overthrow the US government.


Yes girls (and boys), there's no Vinnie boy this time around. We learn that he was killed right in the beginning of the movie and, by the end, it doesn't even matter. Samuel L Jackson and Michael Roof are the only two characters that make a re-appearance in this sequel.

You might be wondering how Ice Cube can play an action hero. Now he might not have Diesel's fine body or that accent that makes the girls go weak at the knees, but he sure plays the part well.

When the NSA headquarters are breached and 16 men are killed, a new xXx agent needs to be recruited. Gibbons decides that a more dangerous man is needed for the job, one with much more attitude. He gets Stone (an ex Navy Seal) to break out of prison and help him bring down a Defoe's dangerous military splinter group.

The film is action packed, but the plot is both far-fetched and lacking in originality. However it does showcase some funky new gadgets provided by Agent Shavers (Roof). If anything the steady flow of humorous one-liners and adrenaline action makes the film worth seeing - especially for the younger generation. We also catch a glimpse of Xzibit (yes, the guy from "Pimp My Ride" on MTV), who plays the role of Zeke running an underground chop shop.

Even if the film was absolutely terrible and Ice could not play the part, "xXx2" would still score a few points with me. Why? Because there are so many fine looking souped-up rides in the film. Right in the beginning Jackson rides off in a beautiful '69 GTO beast with the meanest paint job. Not to mention the monster Jeeps and all the other stunning wheels.

The technical quality is worth a mention, and the movie certainly looks expensive. Lee Tamahori's action-directing skills are questionable though and there are parts of the film that lack all logic. However, it's definitely not boring and there's always something happening on screen.

So even if you're not an Ice Cube or Samuel L Jackson fan, at least take your little brother to see it. It's not a complete waste of time.

- Janine-Lee Gordon

Ice Cube might not have that fine body Diesel has or that accent that makes the girls go weak, but he sure plays the part of the new xXx agent well.

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Kendall 2005/04/29 10:52 AM
Awesome,unexpected gem of a movie I felt d@ da movie was spectacular,it was action packed&full of adventure!!!!!A sure movie d@ i would recommend 2any action fan!!!Although Ice-cube was a different choice for an action hero,he fullfilled the role PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME XXX2
Denise 2005/05/01 10:33 AM
xxx2 the next level
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