Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie

2006-03-30 12:42


Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie is the story of Yugi, a boy captivated by a card game sweeping the nation. But there's more to the game than meets the eye, for it contains ancient mystical energies that can change the course of history!

Deep below the sands of Egypt, an old evil has awakened. Anubis, who was defeated centuries ago by Yugi's mysterious alter ego - the Pharaoh - has returned for revenge to destroy Yugi and take over the world! Can Yugi and his friends conquer their most powerful foe yet before the planet is buried in the sands of time?

What the critics are saying:

"Aimed squarely at the game's pre-teen fan base, it's more like an extended advert than a movie..."
- Jamie Russell, BBCi Film

"No one without a working knowledge of the fabulously profitable Manga-turned-gamer phenomenon will find it easy to enter here."
- Robert Koehler, Variety

"Although the movie isn't bad, wouldn't kids probably have a better time playing Yu-Gi-Oh themselves than watching others play it, cartoonically?"
- Chris Hewitt, St. Paul Pioneer Press

This animated adventure story based on the phenomenally successful trading card game is not recommended for anyone who hasn't already played the game.

chad 2004/10/20 8:00 PM
yu gi oh best movie i have ever seen yes
Peet 2004/10/20 9:01 PM
Yu-gi-oh The best movie That I Have ever seen!!!! I Love the way Yu-gi wiggles himself ou t of sticky situations in a dule. I regomend it for all ages and up. Very fun to watch!! Yu-gi-oh The Movie and Finding Nemo
vincent arries 2004/11/02 2:26 PM
yuggioh and joey fighting when yuggioh kicks joey in her huge bitch ass yuggioh the movie
Rezaa 2004/11/22 6:35 PM
Bad Santa Bad Santa Bad Santa
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