2017-12-01 06:51

What it's about:

When a foursome “borrows” a car for one night of fun, what starts as a wild joy ride turns into a nightmare. After a violent crash, they discover that being stuck at the bottom of a ravine in an overturned car is the least of their problems. The psychotic owner of the car that they stole has them in his crosshairs and will stop at nothing to get both the car and its contents back.

What we thought:

The first few minutes of the film tries really hard to convince us that this story is set in the US.

Things soon unravel when we see the familiar faces of Tyrone Keogh (Fred) and Keenan Arrison (Thomas) both well-known for their roles in the soapie The Wild. The only thing slightly off are the American accents. 

From then on we get tell-tale signs that this story was filmed in South Africa: A shot of the harbour with Table Mountain in the background, an Ultra garage sign and the familiar logo of Vida Café masquerading as a 'No Sleep Café.'

I get that this film is for the US market and needed a US setting but for a South African viewer it is hard to pull the wool over our eyes. 

I just don’t get why it couldn't just be a South African story, the actors struggled with the US accents which was a big distraction as the story unfolded. 

It also felt like the audio was recorded after initial production as it felt like it was a bit out of sync with the picture. 

When it comes to the plot, it is fast paced and gets straight to the point and was filled with suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

I do wish though that they gave us more background about who the bad guys were so that we could perhaps understand their motivations more. 

The film sure does tick all the right boxes when it comes to the thriller genre – it's just not an authentic piece of work. 

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