Before We Go

2015-11-30 06:16

What it's about:

Two strangers are stuck in New York City for the night. Starting as convenient acquaintances, the two soon grow into each other’s most trusted confidants when a night of unexpected adventure forces them to confront their fears and take control of their lives.

What we thought:

When you start watching this film, don’t be quick to judge, give it a chance. It starts off ‘meh’ but will blossom into a beautiful, unconventional romcom!

Chris Evans makes his directing debut with Before We Go and I can honestly say, his first attempt is not too shabby.

Set in the chaos of one of New York’s most densely populated boroughs; the film is completely the opposite of chaos and will make you want to meet a perfect stranger in the middle of the night and go on a hopeless yet satisfying adventure with them.

My first thought when watching the film was ‘okay, what is Captain America doing here?’ and although the fictional superhero put Chris on the map, the hunk has a softer side. Meeting Nick Vaughan will literally soften your heart like a marshmallow.

The highlight of Before We Go is definitely the way the actors ease into their characters and it’s the same with the story line.

The audience meets Nick and Brooke (Alice Eve) and you’re not instantly overwhelmed by their back stories. As the night progresses the drama of ‘life’ unfolds and yes a cliché or two will make you predict a hot sex scene in which these two perfect strangers end up together but alas you will be wrong and that is the beauty of it.

Alice Eve, who plays the beautiful girl that changes Nick’s life forever, does a great job at being mysterious and sexy but a hot mess at the same time. Her chemistry with Chris made watching the characters unfold that much more pleasing.

And thank you Chris Evans for finally giving a fresh take on all those overworked plots of ‘love at first site! It is such a breath of fresh air to see that romance is not all about ending up in the bedroom or even ‘ending up together forever’ for that matter.

There are so many ways people can be wooed and Before We Go is the perfect dose of romance to make you feel good.

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