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What it’s about:

A young girl named Lucinda Price finds herself in a dodgy reform school because she was blamed for the death of her teenage crush. At the school she finds herself drawn to two fellow students, unaware that one is a fallen angel and one is not.

What we thought of it:

Listen, I studied film and media for a few years of my life and I know that it takes a lot of effort to make a movie (most of the time). So, I always try and look for one or two positive things to say about a film that I personally haven’t liked. With some movies it’s easier than others, and that is the case with this film.

The story of troubled teen Lucinda Price (Addison Timlin) who falls in love with hunky good boy angel Daniel Grigori (Jeremy Irvine) and in lust with brooding bad boy angel Cam Briel (Harrison Gilbertson ) is one that you’ve probably heard a million times before, with a lot more biblical studies thrown in.

It’s the classic story: girl meets boy who pretends not to like her (while actually loving her). The boy then pushes the girl away when she expresses an attraction to him and wonders if it might be mutual. The girl then meets another boy who gives her attention. This upsets the first boy. A battle for the girls’ heart ensues. It’s a mess by all accounts, it always is. 

Some movies find a new way to tell this story but this movie does not. It’s more of the same to me. Some of things that were above average were:  Harrison Gilbertson’s performance as the bad boy; the special effects; the cinematography and the mise en scène. 

Addison Timlin, who plays the lead Lucy in this film, was miscast in the role. There are honest moments when she shines but those are far and few between and it feels like it was a struggle for her to do some scenes. But, in all fairness, that might just have her embodying a character that is not easy to like. She’s a bit of a whimpering damsel in distress to be honest and it was pretty hard to watch in moments where I wished time would pass faster.

I realise I should talk about hottie Jeremy Irvine who plays Daniel but, in all honesty, he is very forgettable as the male lead of this film. His biceps are nice, but they were sometimes the most interesting thing on screen when he said his lines.

Like I said, anyone who has watched more than one love story on stage or screen will have seen this story before. Predictable storyline is an understatement of fact. 

That’s not say I think that no one should spend their money on this story of a teenage love triangle. If you liked Twilight, this film (which is a part of a long series, based on books of the same name) might be for you. 

If you’re into angst-filled stares and sweeping moments and don’t worry too much about anything else then this romantic flick might be for you. 

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