2017-12-22 09:01

What it's about:

After being mistaken for a dangerous beast, Ferdinand, a giant bull with a big heart, is captured and torn from his home. Determined to return to his family, he rallies a misfit team on the ultimate adventure.

What we thought:

First off, I must say that I never grew up with The Story of Ferdinand. However, upon meeting him in Carlos Saldanha’s film version, I instantly connected with him. Weird I know, but this heart-warming adventure not only proves that one should never judge a book by its cover but, even more so, that just because you are born into something, it doesn’t mean that is what you must become.

Ferdinand paints a perfect picture of the importance of family, friendship and to always be yourself. It has everything both kids and adults will enjoy in a movie: It’s happy and sad, it’s action-packed and, of course, deals with emotional things such as death in a delicate and understandable way (that last one is more catered to kids).

The cast were absolutely perfect and added so much colour to the film. More specifically, John Cena as Ferdinand and Kate McKinnon as Lupe shone in their roles.

While Cena is better known as a wrestler he has come to show that he is a gentle giant with a massive heart and that’s exactly what his character is. McKinnon is known for her comedic wit and her quick-thinking quips will not only make kids laugh but adults too!

Never would you expect a bull who refuses to follow his fighting destiny to befriend a goat who just wants to be known for training the strongest bull to become best friends. Of course, it is all just make-believe but the chemistry between these fictional characters makes their friendship pretty damn believable.

I also just have to mention the two Golden Globe nods the movie received for Best Animation and Best Song. Home is the perfect tune for this story and one you’ll be humming long after you’ve left the cinema. The nominations are well-deserved and I expect a couple more in the upcoming awards season. 

Ferdinand is a happy-go-lucky, easily understood, colourful story that is fun for everyone to watch.

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