2019-07-05 06:54
Chloë Grace Moretz in a scene from 'Greta.'


After discovering a handbag on a New York subway train, Frances McCullen (Chloë Grace Moretz), a young woman bereaved by her mother’s death, sets about returning it to its rightful owner. Frances subsequently strikes up an unusual friendship with enigmatic widow Greta Hideg (Isabelle Huppert), much to the dismay of her best friend Erica Penn (Maika Monroe) who is helping Frances acclimate to the city. Frances ignores her friend's concerns, but Greta's motives may be more sinister than they initially seem.


Films about obsessive stalkers are a dime a dozen and they are usually pretty formulaic and stereotypical.

In the case of Greta, it subverts the usual tropes by having an older woman Greta (Isabelle Huppert) stalk a young woman, Frances (Chloë Grace Moretz).

While the plot is pretty easy to read, it does so stylishly with a deliciousness that will have you at the edge of your seat, waiting to see things unfold.

There are also some clever filming and storytelling techniques used to drive the story forward.

What I enjoyed most about this film is the unravelling of Greta's state of mind, which Isabelle embodied to a tee. It is clear that the actress revelled in playing the unhinged character. There is a brilliant scene in which Greta does a dance sequence that is both terrifying and beautiful to watch.

I do wish though that we had gotten a bit more about why Greta is the way she is, I would have loved to know more about her backstory.

Chloë's portrayal of Frances is a nuanced performance of someone who is grieving, which makes her the perfect prey for a crazed lonely woman. Greta reels Frances into a state of vulnerability which reveals her naivety. 

You can't help but feel sorry for this innocent, trustful young woman who just moved to the big city and doesn't know what she is letting herself in for.

While the film is entertaining and thrilling to watch, it also highlights that in certain circumstances, police don't take reports of stalking seriously and that the laws surrounding harassment are too lenient.

When Frances first reports Greta to the police, the officer advises her to ignore her until things take a violent turn.

Chloë has in real life been a victim of a stalker. Earlier this week a fan was arrested for trespassing at her home. Mere hours after he was released from jail returned to her house. The 18-year-old man has since been charged with a felony and remains in custody. 

Greta is a sophisticated psychological thriller that is entertaining to watch. It is by far one of the best thrillers that I have seen in a long time – the leads deliver masterful performances, and the story breathes new life into the stalker genre.

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