Mrs Right Guy

2016-06-03 12:42

What it's about:

Gugu, the walking wounded, rejects men long before they can get too close to rock her self-imposed exile from love. But, to find bliss with the right guy, she must first realise that no man is created equal and that, in love, nice guys not only have staying power but can be just right too.

What we thought:

Happiness is a Four-Letter Word has set a new bar for the local romantic comedy genre. 

And in all honesty I feel quite bad for Mrs Right Guy making its debut hot on the heels of one of the biggest grossing local movies. 

Mrs Right Guy isn't a bad movie; it's just forgettable fluff with a predictable storyline, clichéd characters and unconvincing performances. 

Dineo Moeketsi, who has proven her acting chops in the soapie Scandal! leaves much to be desired in this role. There is nothing authentic about the character and it was really hard to relate to her. 

There was also no natural progression in the character's growth. She goes from the 'walking wounded' to being won over quite quickly by playboy boss Dumile (Thapelo Mokoena) to being in love with her make-over project Joe (Lehasa Moloi). 

As for the male leads they could only work with the material they were given I suppose. Lehasi is the predictable nice guy and Mokoena the predictable bad boy. 

There were some technical aspects of the film that felt a bit out of sync - like the editing of the dialogue.

Talking about dialogue, it is filled with dramatic over the top lines that feel inauthentic.

Mrs Right Guy's mediocre attempt doesn't earn good marks from me. 

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