Murder on the Orient Express

2018-09-02 10:26

What it's about:

What starts out as a lavish train ride through Europe quickly unfolds into one of the most stylish, suspenseful and thrilling mysteries ever told. Thirteen strangers are stranded on a train, and everyone’s a suspect. One man must race against time to solve the puzzle before the murderer strikes again.

What we thought:

As a kid who had close to no friends (counting my dog, Max,) Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries were some of my favourite childhood afternoon activities. I fell in love with the characters in Miss Marple’s adventures but I was most fascinated by Hercule Poirot, the best detective in the world. 

The books and the TV series based on them– which ran for 13 seasons and starred the incredible David Suchet - were some of my favourite entertainment to consume because they were intricate masterpieces. Their magic didn’t fade no matter how much I watched or read them. 

I have only seen Kenneth Branagh’s new version of this literary classic once but I think its staying power will be the same, at least for me. The classically trained performer created a world that swept me away and made me sit on the edge of my seat waiting for the next twist. 

Branagh directs and stars as the lead in the film and his version of Poirot is brilliantly distinct. His moustache is a thing of beauty and the tiny quirks that he has built into his portrayal of the character made me laugh because they were so in keeping with the protagonist that I knew from the books. 

It was such a treat to see Branagh share the screen with Derek Jacobi, Penélope Cruz and Michelle Pfeiffer. The entire cast works so well together that I ended up loving everyone, well almost everyone. I really couldn’t stand Johnny Depp’s version of Edward Ratchett and felt nothing for his character. 

I think that the plot and pacing of the script is perfect as well as the editing. Even though, as I mentioned I have read the book and seen different versions of it, I got so into the film that I forgot that I knew what was going to happen next. I think that is a true testament of taking something that a lot of the audience will know and making it new. Without stating any spoilers I will say that I was totally absorbed until the last minute and would really enjoy another Poirot film from Branagh.

For those of you who don’t like blood and gore, this film is perfect for you, because even though it is centred around a murder it doesn’t focus on the blood and guts aspect like forensic shows such as CSI do. It focuses on telling a story about people and what brought them onto the Orient Express. 

I would definitely recommend this film to everyone. Whether you have read the books or not, it is a must-see murder mystery that will leave you wanting more. 

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