Pop Lock ‘n Roll

2017-09-29 06:10

What it's about:

Pop, Lock ‘n Roll tells the story of ambitious dancer Raps (played by Maurice Paige) who hails from the crime-ridden streets of Westbury, Johannesburg. With the dream of a better life for his son, Raps soon gets the big break he has been hoping for, but it all comes crashing down when he finds himself caught in the middle of the one thing he was trying to escape – Westbury’s dangerous gangland. 

What we thought:

Hollywood has been riding the dance movie cash cow for years now, so the idea of a South African dance flick was intriguing. Perhaps it was the thought that it would offer up a fresh take on the overdone genre. And in some aspects, it did. The movie does a good job of highlighting the issue of gangsterism and organised crime in the community of Westbury, adding a little more depth to the storyline. That being said, you can look forward to a couple of dance movie cliches, including a full-on breakdown in the rain. 

It’s clear from the beginning that Maurice is not a dancer by nature, with his double taking care of most of the heavy lifting. However, this does not take away from the talent displayed by the plethora of local performers in the film, including Tarryn Alberts who plays “Wendell”. 

Another stella performance is that of David Johnson, who shows off his bad side playing a not-to-messed-with gangster. Although female lead Yasirah Behlz (Queen) is able to capture the audience with her fiesty performance, her take on a Brazilian accent, which her character displays throughout most of the film, does leave something to be desired. 

Overall, Pop, Lock ’n Roll checks all the boxes in terms of what has come to be expected from a dance movie. Viewers can look forward to being captured by the dance moves, entertained by the touches of humour, and captivated by the tale of Westbury’s gangland.

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