2016-05-06 11:56

What it’s about:

A detective played by Ethan Hawke and a psychoanalyst with an alternative method of treatment - that involves patients reliving what has happened to them through a hypnosis of sorts -  do their best to unravel a case involving a satanic cult that has allegedly raped a young girl played by Emma Watson. 

What we thought of it:

There’s a reason that this movie was panned by other critics, but I didn’t know that when I walked in. I was full of hope and anticipation at the thought of an indie power house like Ethan Hawke (Gothika) in a film with Harry Potter franchise star Emma Watson (who played Hermoine Granger).

But not only were my expectations not met but they were smashed into a million pieces. 

The worse part and what I think was the main problem with this film was the fact that on paper it should have been amazing. It’s supposedly based on events that actually happened and inspired the director, it involves a heavy psychological element and also has the supernatural spark. Everything it would seem, that you need to make a thriller/horror on par with The Exorcist, but no. This movie takes those ingredients and uses them all wrong. All the surprises are ruined for you before you even have a chance to creep to the edge of your seat. Like someone trying to tell you a joke but then starting with the punchline and making you wish they hadn’t tried. 

The only thing I liked about it was Ethan Hawke’s performance as Detective Bruce Kenner. He portrayed a character that wasn’t fully developed with all the ease and charm of the industry pro that he is.

Emma Watson as Angela Gray – the young girl who is the protagonist in this convoluted tale – doesn’t deliver though. She is wooden and fails to draw you into the story from the character’s perspective. 

I want to think of reasons for you to pay your hard earned cash to go see this film but I am struggling. Maybe you should go see this movie if all the other films’ are sold out? Even then I would suggest going home and getting a Showmax account ASAP. 

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