Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas

2018-02-09 08:26

What it's about:

Tad Jones, the most awkward explorer, must rescue his beloved Sara from a millionaire who’s looking for King Midas’ necklace.

What we thought:

I have to confess, I only realised Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas was a sequel about 10 minutes into the movie.

Now that it is out in the open the adventurous animation was still easy to follow having not seen the first one – think of it as a procedural cartoon TV series in which the characters are the same but every episode has a different storyline.

Tad, Mummy and Tiffany have to find Sara and save her from a millionaire out to find King Midas’ necklace of gold. Once finding her the four go on an adventure to get to the necklace before it falls into the wrong hands.

The film is perfect for youngsters – it's adventurous, a little thrilling and has a ton of silly/innocent jokes that will keep the kids giggling.
And while many animated films tend to provide entertainment to adults as well, this animation does not cater for adults in any way.

Mummy is the absolute highlight of this flick. He’s got more personality that any of the starring characters and carries them through the movie. He’s got jokes, he’s got outfit changes and he is the mischief-maker every animation needs.

Given that it is an independent film the cinematography and animation was pretty good however the fact that it was originally produced in Spanish shows in the timing between the voices and lip movement. It just feels as though that part of the production was an afterthought.

Nevertheless, that is something that could be easily forgiven as the audience the animation it is targeting will very likely not come across it.

This flick is adventurous, funny and perfect for a night out with the kiddies, it would also make for great Saturday morning entertainment if mom and dad are keen to sleep in.

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