The Good Dinosaur

2016-01-04 09:46

What it's about:

In this epic journey into the world of dinosaurs an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend.

What we thought:

Trying to prove himself worthy, a little misfit dinosaur named Arlo is separated from his farming family and has to fight across the prehistoric landscape to find his way back.

Imagine dinosaurs still existed? And it turned out they were intelligent farmers and cattle wrestlers?

What the film really is about is: "What would’ve happened if the meteor did not kill dinosaurs" told as a children's tale. And in this particular tale, the dinosaurs are represented as the humans and vice versa.

The Good Dinosaur wasn’t as complex as Pixar’s last success, Inside Out. However, the film proved to be simple with subtle messages such as overcoming fears, the importance of family, and making your mark in life.

While the film was quite long and dragged on a bit, one character that made the screen come alive was Spot, the human Arlo naturally befriends on the way.

Any time the young boy was on the screen and did unexpected things in an attempt to feed scrawny Arlo, my younger sister reeled with disgust, comments and laughter.

Throughout the film, Spot howls, “Awooo!” and by the end of the film the duos bond made me not only howl but weep like a baby. That, for me, made the experience worthwhile. Rarely does a movie engage with its audience (young or old) to the point where they want to join in.

The Good Dinosaur has so much heart and honesty that handles jokes and emotions unlike any other animation I’ve seen. It is a great, fun-family adventure that kids and adults can both enjoy.

Our nine-year-old critic:

Hannah Groenewald, Grade 3.

The Good Dinosaur is so far the best movie I’ve watched this year.

I’ve read a lot about dinosaurs and went to a museum to see them in real life but to see what might have happened if they had survived was unexpected and interesting to learn about.

The overall movie was funny, silly and a whole lot of fun to watch if you ask me.
I really liked watching it even though it was a bit sad and I don’t like to cry. But Spot, the human boy made me feel better whenever he came onto the screen and terrorised clumsy Arlo with his caveman manners.

I think The Good Dinosaur is movie everyone should watch.

I would definitely give it 5/5 dino-tastic stars.

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