The Little Prince

2015-12-11 09:24

What it’s about:

A little girl lives in a very grown up world with her mother, who tries to make sure she is prepared for it. Her neighbor The Aviator, introduces the girl to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of The Little Prince.

What we thought:

I have to admit I faintly remember my mom reading me The Little Prince when I was younger but watching it I was reminded of the magical moments this book possesses and why it’s considered a favourite around the world.

The Little Prince isn’t a direct adaption of the book; it tells the story of a pilot who gets stranded in the desert and meets a young boy who tells him his story. Although the movie stays true to this, it also adds its own story of a girl who does everything possible to follow the life plan her mother has  mapped out for her.

When they move to a new neighborhood to further that plan, the little girl becomes friends with an old eccentric man known as The Aviator, across the street. This is where The Aviator introduces her to the story of The Little Prince (the one from the book) as an adventure he experienced earlier in his life.

Even with this contemporary twist, the movie stays faithful to the classic tale with even the drawings from the book being used in the movie, reflecting the gloomy tone of the book while remaining quite charming.

And unlike most animation movies there wasn’t anything bright and shiny distracting at every scene. The movie is extremely simple and well crafted, using both CGI and stop-motion elements in different sections of the film, resulting in the seamless telling of real word versus the melancholy fantasy of the little prince.

The movie was obviously very inspired by the book but never once did it feel like a money grab to achieve box office records; instead it felt like a love letter to the author and anyone who has read the book.

I got emotionally swept away by the world of the little girl and the little prince and how real and genuine an animation can resonate with an adult, for once. As nobody can deny the truth the book/movie speaks: how growing up results to forgetting, how people make a living but not a life, and how we forget what is essential.

Fans of the book might not think this movie stays true but the new characters; themes and adventure elements breathe new life into this classic tale. It maintains the captivating story while making it mainstream and modern for new audiences.

And although the movie seems like it's for children, I would say its targeted for a wider audience. The metaphors and different depths of life lessons may not be understood by the younger audience but is something that can be taught at any age.

The story and depth of characters makes The Little Prince one of the best animation films if not the best of the year.

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