2009-07-10 09:18
Umalusi is an introspective riches to rags drama about a spoilt brat, Malusi Mati (Sivu Nobongoza) who has to learn life’s lessons the hard way. Having spent most of his life living in the sleepy coastal city of East London (South Africa) life up to this point has been a breeze for the flamboyant young man.

Malusi is as selfish as they come, he is the center of his perverse universe and no one else matter. The tide turns for our anti-hero when after a night of decadence he sleeps with Pearl, the eighteen Year old sister of his best mate. The night ends in tragedy when Pearl dies seemingly from a drug overdose.

The extremely malevolent and coked-up Malusi leaves her on the side of the road and runs. Leaving the comfort of his cocooned life he heads for the only place he can hide, Mdanstane Township. A completely alien environment for this private school graduate, Malusi is about to learn some vital lessons

About life...
You can never run from yourself.

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