Verskietende Ster

2016-04-22 12:46

What it's about:

The story of musical prodigy Phillip Schuman, who had the weight of the real world threatening to shadow the light of his genius.

What we thought:

We’ve all seen movies about musical geniuses based on true stories. Think Shine, based on the life of Australian pianist David Helfgott, who still regularly visits South Africa to perform, and Amadeus, which was loosely based on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s life.

These movies not only tell the story of having a special talent, but also of how every aspect of someone’s life has an impact on where and how they end up.

Inspired by true events and based on Stefan Enslin’s book with the same title, Verskietende Ster tells the story of a 15-year-old musical genius who, despite his struggles, refuses to give up on his dream of wanting to play music.

Having watched many Afrikaans films lately, Verskietende Ster is one of the few that managed to hold my attention for the entire span of the film.

The one reason for this is definitely the music in the film. Being one of the first Afrikaans films to boast a full orchestra, the music was composed by Geo Höhn, who is well known for composing music for film and television. From the get go, the music captures the essence of the film and provides the perfect background for the story and how it plays out.

And while the story is one that has been told before, Verskietende Ster contains elements of surprise and manages to let you in on the plot in a way that will catch you off-guard at times. 

Not only does the film tell the story about music and how it can break through barriers and touch people’s lives, but it also contains a strong message about forgiveness and acceptance. Focusing on the relationship between a father and his son, the film shows just how important it is to love unconditionally and to accept unconditionally.

Whether you’re a parent or not, this film will inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

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