2016-07-08 13:00

What it's about:

Fred (Michael Caine) and Mick (Harvey Keitel), two old friends approaching their eighties, are enjoying a vacation in a lovely hotel in the foothills of the Alps. Fred, a retired composer and conductor, has no intentionof returning to his music career which he dropped a long time ago, while Mick, a director, is still working, hurrying to finish the screenplay of his latest film. Both friends know that their days are numbered and decide to face their future together. But unlike them, no one else seems worried about the passing of time... The film also stars Jane Fonda, Paul Dano and Rachel Weisz. 

What we thought:

Youth is fleeting. Like a summer vacation briefly captured in Instagram snaps. It’s a short flash in time impossible to replay. It’s there. Then it’s gone.

It’s filled with endless possibilities and what seems like never-ending opportunities. 

Only once it is gone do we realise how short-lived our youth is. Then we start to obsess about it like a lost lover. We romantically remember only the happiest moments, whilst struggling to hang onto the memories that seem to fade faster than we want them to. 

As we enter our more senior years we quickly realise that youth was just the prelude. We still have a lot to offer if we could only accept that the world is still interested in what we have to say. 

Youth, directed by Paolo Sorrentino, painstakingly captures this feeling in perfect detail. It tells the story of growing old by marrying the classic Fellini (La Dolce Vita) style with a distinctively modern angle. 

The film moves slow, but is driven by a powerful veteran cast that deliver unforgettable performances. They skilfully unfold the story in the Alpine setting that, at times, has a Wes Anderson-like feel to it. It’s especially Jane Fonda’s standout cameo appearance that really brings all the parts together. 

It’s a beautiful symphony of stories that dance together gracefully until the very end and beyond. The story strangely creates a feeling of content with the fact that life continues well after our youth has faded. It’s this realisation that ensures that this film will haunt you long after the end credits have rolled.  

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