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2016-03-08 09:42

What it’s about:

A tiny farm rabbit, named Judy Hopps, wants to make it as a tough city cop but no one thinks that she can make it. This is the story of her uphill battle to the top with her new frenemy and all slick fox: Nick Wilde. 

What we thought:

This animated feature might not be like the Cinderella Disney of old or the newer (Pixar) Disney of Inside Out but it is charming, smart and funny.

Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time) as determined Judy is the star of the show. Her voice performance gives depth to a character that I think will resonate with younger audiences because the script walks the line between not taking itself too seriously and giving the protagonists a good character arch that you can become invested in. 

Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) as Nick Wilde is wonderful as the anti-hero that saves the day and comes to the good side…eventually. He and Goodwin bounce off of each other like old sparring partners. Some of their one liners are obviously aimed at the older demographic who enjoy animated films or the parents who are bringing their little tots along to the cinema.

If you’re expecting a tear jerker like Toy Story 3 or The Good Dinosaur then this isn’t the film for you. It’s a story about overcoming the odds and dancing when you get there. There are silly moments galore and action adventure sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat and maybe even give you a little fright.

The supporting cast is star studded: Colombian hip shaker Shakira sings the soundtrack, Idris Elba(Luther) plays the hardnosed police chief and my personal favourite was Nate Torrence as Clawhauser, a doughnut loving cop with a heart of gold. 

Some things that annoyed me were some of the gaping plot holes, the pushing of the theme song and the hit-you-over-the-head style of message delivery. But hey, not everything is going to have pathos like Inside Out. Sometimes getting hit over the head with a happy stick is pretty great. If I had a child in primary school I would take them to this because, even though it’s not perfect, it is good.

 If you’re an adult with a hankering to see an animated film then you should go watch this movie; to feel good and leave the cinema with a smile on your face.

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