Blinded by the Light

Viveik Kalra in Blinded by the Light. (Photos: Nic
Viveik Kalra in Blinded by the Light. (Photos: Nick Wall)

A funny, heartfelt testament to the transcendental power of music, 'Blinded by the Light' may just have stolen the "feel good movie of the year" crown from Boyle and Curtis’ 'Yesterday'.  



2019-08-08 11:39

While 'Playmobil' looks like a poor man's 'The Lego Movie', it's bizarrely humorous despite the Disney TV-level musical numbers. Read More »

The Kitchen

2019-08-08 11:39

When gangster husbands wind up in prison in the 1970s, their wives take over their organisation. Read More »


The Art of Racing in the Rain

2019-08-02 07:32

'The Art of Racing in the Rain' is fluffy, comfortable, warm, and cosy with the racing theme a mere background to the story about a man and his best friend. Read More »

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

2019-08-02 07:32

A classic Halloween tale with terrifying monsters that taps into the trend of kids fighting evil in small-town America. Read More »


Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

2019-07-26 08:42

Hilarious with some of the best action choreography onscreen, Hobbs and Shaw might just be a spinoff that’s better than its original franchise.  Read More »

Stan & Ollie

2019-07-26 08:42

It took a while to reach our shores, but this funny, big-hearted telling of the final days of a truly legendary Hollywood partnership is more than worth the wait. Read More »


Richard Says Goodbye

2019-07-26 08:42

'Richard Says Goodbye' probably has the best of intentions but that doesn’t stop it from being a bloodless, inept and entirely unbelievable take on ye old 'terminal illness' movie. Read More »


2019-07-19 09:56

'Midsommar' is extreme cinema at its most extreme but, if you can stomach it, it’s a hell of an experience.  Read More »


The Current War

2019-07-19 09:56

A fascinating story, a brilliant cast and a world-class cinematographer can’t save 'The Current War' from being a crushingly disappointing sophomore slump for director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, who made such a splash with excellent debut, 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'.  Read More »

The Best of Enemies

2019-07-19 09:56

Despite a very rocky start and an extremely predictable story arc, the 'Best of Enemies' is good, solid crowd-pleasing entertainment that also happens to shed some light on some little known real-life heroes.  Read More »



2019-07-19 09:56

Bland, humourless and tedious, 'Crawl' does, indeed, make its very brief running time feel like it's just crawling on by.  Read More »

The Lion King

2019-07-12 08:33

It may look flawless, but Disney’s reimagined 'The Lion King' is clearly a money machine that does no justice to the original classic.  Read More »

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