This movie shines a light on unsung heroes

2019-07-28 06:00

Despite a very rocky start and an extremely predictable story arc, the 'Best of Enemies' is good, solid crowd-pleasing entertainment that also happens to shed some light on some little known real-life heroes.  Read More »

This movie about gigantic alligators has no bite

2019-07-27 22:00

Bland, humourless and tedious, 'Crawl' does, indeed, make its very brief running time feel like it's just crawling on by.  Read More »


Even Benedict Cumberbatch can't give this movie a spark

2019-07-27 18:00

A fascinating story, a brilliant cast and a world-class cinematographer can’t save 'The Current War' from being a crushingly disappointing sophomore slump for director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. Read More »


'Blade Runner' actor Rutger Hauer (75) dies

2019-07-24 21:17

Hollywood actor Rutger Hauer, who became a global cult icon for his role as the scary yet thought-provoking humanoid android in the 1982 sci-fi classic 'Blade Runner', has died at the age of 75. Read More »

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