Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver turn this ordinary story into an extraordinary film

2019-12-20 16:00

A stage director and his actor wife struggle through a gruelling, coast-to-coast divorce that pushes them to their personal and creative extremes. Read More »


'The Rise of Skywalker' is an epic conclusion to the latest Star Wars trilogy

2019-12-20 11:20

Hobbled by the decision to give this sequel trilogy to two very different filmmakers, 'The Rise of Skywalker is still an exhilarating, often poignant conclusion to the 'Skywalker Saga'. Read More »


Bond girl Claudine Auger, 78, dies

2019-12-20 08:08

French actress Claudine Auger, best known to international audiences playing alongside Sean Connery in the 1965 James Bond film 'Thunderball', has died. Read More »

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