1 Fille and 4 Types - Celine Dion - Canadian diva's new rock candy

2006-03-29 18:36

Extra, extra, read all about it! Celine Dion sheds her Vegas mom next door dresses for a T-shirt, dirty blue jeans and closely cropped hair! No, it's not April Fool's Day. In fact this is precisely what the more than 100 million albums sold French Canadian mega-star responsible for such epic, heart wrenching delights as "My Heart Will go On (from Titanic) has done. She's actually gone and made a bona fide rock album.

You see, as it turns out when she was young, Dion actually wasn't planning on becoming the biggest selling diva sensation since Minnelli or Streisand. Like most rebellious teenagers she simply wanted to rock 'n roll! So after almost two decades spent tempering her teen spirit she's finally decided to show the world that her carefree rocking hot mama performances captured on the Divas Las Vegas CD and DVD (2002) weren't merely flash in the pan pantomimes.

The simply entitled 1 Fille and 4 Types (just one gal and four guys, geddit?) proves to be a refreshingly laid back listen, with Dion all but eschewing the saccharine ballad blueprint that earned her reputation, focussing instead on a series of uncomplicated singer songwriter rock sketches.

Kicking off with the comfortable rhythmic radio ready jaunt of "Tout l'or des hommes", the album provides a series of snapshots of a band on the road, rather than any overly slick studio sound. Downbeat early morning jangle ballad drifts ("Apprends-moi") give way to breathy acoustic sighs ("Le vol d'un ange"), upbeat country rock romps ("Ne bouges pas") and effervescent Celtic folk flavours. And the fact that every song is sung in French actually adds to the inspired aural travelogue.

Celine Dion has done what we all thought impossible - shed a few tons of saccharine, switched to French and rocked up her sound.

Corneels Pieters 2004/01/17 9:29 AM
My heart will go on She brilliant
Ruben Nel 2004/01/17 11:34 AM
Her greatest hits No she does not rock me any more. A bit boring and old fashioned. To many sad songs....need songs from her to cheer one up....
Anne-Marie 2004/01/17 11:46 AM
I'm alive I absolutely enjoy Celine's music, could listen to it all day long. Brilliant Girl, keet it up, you're the best All
Megell 2004/01/17 12:26 PM
one heart BRILLIANT,she is the best diva in the world, her music brings people together. Absoluty love her. One heart
Chantel Coetzer 2004/01/17 12:27 PM
One Heart I think it is absolutely brilliant.Celine will always stay my nr. 1 All of them
Delize 2004/01/17 2:21 PM
one heart She rock one heart
Phillip 2004/01/17 2:27 PM
one heart Absolutely fabulous!!!!! One Heart
Janus 2004/01/18 4:39 PM
Better than before I'm glad to see Celine got her hair back to normal again. Now she'll be a singer again, and not just a scary mad-head. So all of the best for Celine. Anything where Celine isn't blonde
Jenny Hennings 2004/01/19 1:34 PM
Mrs. Hot Stuff
Chizelle 2004/01/20 7:44 AM
Celine Dion She's the best artist ever!!!!!!!!
Christoline 2004/01/20 12:07 PM
Celine Dion They can say what they want, but there is just not another voice like her's. She's the best!!! A new day has come
Shaune 2004/01/20 12:11 PM
Celine Dion - Simply The Best There is nothing beter thatn Celine - Simply the best
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