340ml - Sorry for the Delay

2008-12-24 09:47
Sorry for the Delay
Sorry for the Delay is not a scene record. It will please dubsters & raggamuffins, for sure, but behind the delicious sleeve artwork is a sweetly subversive album for you and me. The jam is over: now, 340ml are “sending a message to destroy your radio” with philosophies, parables and popping basslines. Not like their unlikely idols Rage Against The Machine, mind. Instead, the revolution is merely wondered out loud: “Who conquered HIV? Who colonised the galaxy?”.
“Fairy Tales” applies the same keen lyricism to human nature and... dance music. Indie rock’s obsession with the club scene has provided some miserable misappropriations of late, but this lounge dub take on 2am Sandton is pulled off with irrepressable confidence (and a melodica!). Its main character, a young woman on the prowl may not be "wearing underwear (and that feels strange)," but at least she has a fantastic accordian beat to lose her thoughts in.

It's been a year of comebacks, with Neil Diamond, Ice Cube and even eVoid returning from the studio with their best material in years. What these cats know about albums is that they have to tell themselves like stories, with a beginning, an end and irresistable ups and downs in between. Each of Sorry For The Delay's thirteen chapters does just that, suspending us in dub-dreamstate just long enough for the next, different wave of ideas to wash over us. And that's how a little band from Mozambique's second album can be comfortable, imperious even, among the best releases of the year.

Of course, you could do worse than enlisting the services of Bongo Maffin's Thandiswa Mazwai. Her cameo in the Afro-pop playground of "Make It Happen", and other guest sessions by Tidal Waves and Francophone diva Drean add the spice of life (variety) in spades to an already genre-curious album.

Sure, things change. Coke don’t come in 340ml cans anymore. But the most complete album of the year? That just might.

- Niel Bekker
If you decided to walk away from “Midnight”, the feelgood song of 2004 (if you were listening) where would you end up? Where would you end up after four years? A lot can happen in four years: Joburg begins to feel more like home than Maputo, 330ml cans replace 340s. Also: good bands can become great, if they work hard enough.

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AJ Snaddon 2008/11/10 9:56 AM
sorry fr the delay Ek stem saam!
Steven 2008/11/11 4:24 AM
Sorry for nothing to listen to Kalahari's out of stock and Youtube has no songs off this album...Pity, cannot voice an opinion!
galamatias 2008/11/11 4:05 PM
fairy tales I've been listening to this album for a month or so now and as much as I enjoy it, it is really just another addition to the Southern African pop genre. Cute, but empty. Album of the year? Look (here's a crackpot theory) an album of the year should be either so timeless that in 40 years people will still be stopped dead in their tracks by its uniqueness (Sgt Pepper's, Electric Ladyland, Exodus, The Joshua Tree, etc) or it should be a perfect summing up of what was happening at that moment (Sgt Pepper's, Nevermind the Bollocks, Graceland, When You Come Back, etc). Sadly this does neither. It's cool, it's friendly and it's brilliant a summer soundtrack (in a Blk Sonshine way). But this time next year not too many people will be playing it. For album of the year check out the real comment on SA 2008, look no further than that disenchanted liberal Koos Kombuis's un-PC attack on the idocies of our beloved country. It's not pretty, but it's real - not a placid, pleasing placebo.
chris 2008/11/26 11:15 AM
listen on the right. Steven, there are clips on the right hand side of the page
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