50 Cent - Curtis

2007-10-04 18:22
Inspired by his life before his much loved Get Rich or Die Tryin debut, Curtis is a peep into his cut-throat upbringing. He even took time away from his suburban home and spent some time in the hood at his grandma’s old house to write the album. Murder, murder, and more murder is all he sings about. Nevertheless, Curtis still kicks ass. It’s only in its third week but has already earned him mo’ money by selling 1 176 000 copies worldwide.

Still, you can’t help but think his album is only dope because of all the VIP guests he’s hooked up with. He tries his hand at love songs with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Robin Thicke and the queen of hip-hop soul and R&B, Mary J Blige. Their soulful, innovative and quirky vocals soften his raw tongue in “Avo Technology”, “Follow My Lead” and “All Of Me”. He also blends in Akon’s reedy voice to turn a song as heavy as “I’ll still kill” into a club banger. This tune will get you bopping your head in no time. Never mind what the lyrics say!

But in the end you still wish he’d start singing about something other than gangsta life!

-Tiisetso Tlelima

50 cent a.k.a Curtis is one angry nigger! You’d think anyone who’s had a violent, drug dealing childhood would turn their lives around even at the slightest hint of fame. But no, not 50 cent! Guns, murder, dope, bitches and hoes – he continues to give us more of the same overcooked thug songs. Yeah, they shot him nine times. But does anybody care anymore?

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Geelbooi 2007/10/05 4:56 PM
Fiddy's still hot! The 1st time i heard the album...i was like whats fiddy's smoking nowadays? Is G-Unit empire falling off? Dead Wrong! This album grows on you...its hard, beats are raw and banging, lyrically his still killin' it and punchline galore. All the fiddys haters...eat a humble pie. Kanye wont mess with Curties.Peace!!!
PHILLIP 2007/10/08 3:56 PM
VLS 2007/10/09 10:35 AM
Fiddy I read many lukewarm reviews of this album but nevertheless decided to still go out and buy it. The unfortunate thing for 'Fiddy' is that people will always compare anything he makes to his classic 'Get Rich or Die Trying' and i just do not believe that he can ever reach those dizzy heigths again. Theis album is nevertheless excellent. When I bought 'The Massacre' 2 years ago it took me a good few listens before i finally started enjoyign songs but here i instantly like bangers such as "Still Kiull", the great "Amusement Park " etc. I don't think though that having all the guests made this a better album, 50 holds his own.
TITUS 2007/10/21 1:35 PM
curtis extremly hot
mpumzozo 2008/05/06 7:07 PM
· Amusement Park the is song is off te hook ,,,it goes up and down and round stand up. its HOT
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