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A mixed Geraas - a little too varied - Geraas - from Valiant Swart to Patricia Lewis

2006-03-29 18:16

This compilation is an unguided tour of contemporary Afrikaans music.

It's unlikely that you'll like every song on the album. The contributors are so disparate, ranging from alternative rockers like Kobus to Patricia Lewis or Kurt Darren, whose "Meisie, Meisie" is an Afrikaans melodic version of Right Said Fred's "You're my mate". It's got great rhythm for 'sokkieing', if that's your thing. Electronic beats, with bagpipes.

However, whether you groove to bleached Patricia and Kurt or to Koos, Johannes and Valiant, this is a good introduction to Afrikaans music. It's got a dash of dutch, with Stef Bos - a Nederlander hugely popular at the KKNK - singing a beautiful duet with Amanda Strydom.

There are some real pearls: Kobus' melodic "Sondagmiddag", and Johaness Kerkorrel's "Ander Kant".

If you're a regular Geraas viewer, you'll enjoy the mix, if you're a fan of alternative Afrikaans bands like Battery 9, it's not your bag. This compilation actually tries too hard to be a concise guide to Afrikaans music, and misses some jewels in an attempt to please everyone.

A compilation that tries to hard to cater to everyone, and will therefore irritate everyone. But some great songs, nevertheless.

Logan 2003/05/23 1:09 PM
Geraas: it's a lame compilation I really think it's a pretty lame album. I am a fan, which means I HAVE all the [obscenity deleted]ing cds already. I don't want my patricia and my koos K mixed up. Koos Kombuis - Niemansland
Garth 2003/05/29 12:50 PM
This is a [obscenity deleted]ing great review IHate this [obscenity deleted]ing CD
freedom 2003/05/30 11:25 AM
tony tetuila he is the best african musician my car
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