A pleasant but not deeply moving ride - Train - My Private Nation

2006-03-29 18:19

From the moment vocalist Pat Monahan pleads for deliverance on the opening "Calling All Angels" with just the requisite degree of passionate emotional timbre you're either relaxing into the comfortable, well-crafted set of hook-laden comfy chorus croons and mid-tempo foot-tappers. Or scurrying for the fast forward button on your remote control.

Unashamedly tailored towards soothing the frazzled drive-time traffic jam nerves of 30-somethings everywhere, sensitive lyrical musings on life's many splendid moods abound. Hootie-meets-Counting Crows style soul ("Get to Me") segues into MOR funk inflected rock struts ("All American Girl") while yearning piano ballads ("When I Look to the Sky") soar, then sigh. Sure, the lyrical sensibility remains reflective, perhaps a little cloying and introspective, but musically it's a mid-paced and effortlessly affable affair.

Echoing a variety of retro-rock flavours from the gentle Mellencamp Americana narrative moments of "Save the Day" to the quietly passionate pop slow shuffle of the McCartney styled ballad "Lincoln Avenue" My Private Nation is an agreeable, if ultimately unchallenging listen.

If you ever pondered just what the appeal of so-called "adult contemporary" rock was, then look no further than Train's My Private Nation.

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