ABBA Hitmix - ABBA Hitmix

2006-03-29 21:03

ABBA have a lot to answer for. They made Europop so popular that you're forced to listen to it wherever you go - malls, restaurants, and even your local gay club. They write tunes that stick in your head like chewing gum sticks in your hair. They cause straight white men who can't dance to stand on tables and move their pelvises back and forth, as if they're miming closing a sock drawer with their hands tied behind their backs. And I hope we all agree that that's a revolting thing to see.

But, partly because of their numerous social sins, ABBA were loads of fun - churning out perfectly formed, bright, breezy and simultaneously mournful 2-4 minute songs like there was no tomorrow... and let's face it, in ABBA's world, there WAS no tomorrow. There still isn't. We're caught in a loop, and we'll never escape! Every year, "Dancing Queen" WILL appear in a movie soundtrack. And your eyes might prickle just a little as you hum along to the familiar synth intro. Every year, they release an album, the same 19-21 hit tracks collection. Only this time, it's just not quite the same.

Unfortunately, 2004's ABBA moment was DJ Anderson and Lindstrom's Hitmix. If you listen to Hitmix without comparing it to the original mix, you might not realise immediately what's wrong. But after consulting a compilation of original versions of ABBA songs, you'll notice that all this "DJ" has done is simply speed up the original songs, add an even cheesier doef doef style "dance" beat, and simplify the vocal layering.

This is good news for those who find lyrics like "You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life" so challenging that they long for less distracting musical arrangements - something they can really move back and forth to, you know?

But true fans should go get "Gold" or another compilation instead.

- Jean Barker

DJ Anderson & Lindstrom spell this "Super Trouper" as "Souper Trouper"

Perhaps they call it a "hitmix" because they beat you about the ears with it once a year. It will feature "Dancing Queen", "Super (sic) Trouper", "Waterloo" or "Money Money Money" there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from ABBA's songs. But you might want to try get a head start this time - just in case you're one of the lucky ones.

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