Absolute Club Classics V6 - Various - Club Classics

2006-03-29 19:47

The kind of people who produce compilation CDs have a long history of enthusiastic exaggeration. Since the relatively tame days of "The Best of The '70s" (Who's "best"? Not mine!), they have now escalated to names like "The Best Ever Pop Album in the Whole History of Time and the Universe, We Mean it, Really!!" Unsurprisingly we've all become a bit blase about these titles.

It's always a nice surprise, then, to discover a compilation that lives up to even 10% of its marketing frenzy and "Absolute Club Classics V6" lives to up at least 50% of its name, making it genuinely legendary.

As the name suggests, this is the sixth edition of the series produced by Gallo's ever professional RPM Dance outfit. Walking the thin line between anthemic club favourites and overplayed cheese, V6 maintains focus sufficiently to keep your house-warming party ticking over, but studiously avoids venturing into any unexplored territory.

mong the highlights that lift the album above compilation drek are: French funkmaster Cassius's gloriously fat "Feeling for You", a nifty mix of Stardust's "The Music Sounds Better With You" and Timo Maas's iconic mix of the Azzido Da Bass stomper "Doom's Night". The Cleptomaniacs' shake-a-delic version of "All I Do" is also well above par.

Gladly there are only a handful of tracks that threaten to drag it back down: Bamboo's 12 inch of "Bamboogie" is horridly cheesy, while the leaden footed and maudlin "Days Go By" is out of place amongst this upbeat mix. The "very limited" remix of Garbage's "Milk" is also disappointing. It's a well executed, professional mix, but it just doesn't have any of the spunk that you expect from a summer dance track.

Is it worth buying? Not if you're a "serious" house music fan - but then most "serious" house fans have their own vinyls (and sometimes their heads up their own orifices). But if you're in need of some good rump-wiggling summer party music - you won't do much better at the price. Looking back over the last five volumes, it seems this is by far the most focussed of the "Classics" series. Let's hope Nic Burger and his crew can continue the trend with V7.

- Alistair Fairweather

It's not ground breaking, but "Absolute Club Classics" is a well chosen, professionally mixed and relatively cheese free summer dance disk that should keep your party lively long into the night.

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