Absolute High-Energy Vol.2 - Various - From Hazel Dean to Modern Talking

2006-03-29 18:27

Enter Absolute High-Energy Vol.2, an utterly inexplicable attempt to tap into the worst excesses of that quintessential decade of excess, the 80s and its kitsch disco-spawned sibling "Hi-NRG".

It's an unashamed nostalgic time travel back to carefree dance floor fun with 34 original chart hits and misses seamlessly beat mixed into each other. Actually, it's more like browsing through a bargain bin of long since deleted no hit wonders. Everyone from Hazel Dean ("They Say it's Gonna Rain"), Matt Bianco ("Wap Bam Boogie"), the Communards ("Don't Leave me this Way") and Fun Fun ("Happy Station") to Sandra ("Maria Magdalena"), Animotion ("Obsession") and Laura Branigan ("Self Control") make an appearance.

As Evelyn Thomas' micro-genre defining anthem "High Energy" shows it's all horrible synthesiser swathes, tone-deaf inducing drums and lowest common denominator vocal chants. Even poppets Bananarama sound bored with their limp take on "Love in the First Degree". And the inclusion of Eartha Kitt's transvestite romp "Where is My Man" shows just how low the compilers are prepared to go.

It's left to Modern Talking's "Brother Louie" to wipe away any redemptive ironic spring that might creep into your step.

It was bound to happen. With the nu-millennium overdosing on a hyperspace paced search for something new in the sounds of something old and borrowed, hip genre revivalism has all but been exhausted. Pop punk? Been there, done that (thrice already). Garage rock? Saturating the mainstream and indie charts. Electro-clash? Already imploded.

GDee 2003/11/25 3:08 PM
What a nightmare The problem with this kind of compilation is that it gives the entire decade a bad reputation. The good stuff that was 80s wasn't very popular. But i believe it'll way, way outlast what was bad. I blame KFM for continueing to play all the JUNK Blue Nile - "A walk across the rooftops"
Deej 2003/11/27 9:19 AM
Aaaaaaaargh!! Utter crap...the stuff your little sister listened to after you came home from school! Where is classics like Depeche Mode and et. ? Those guys, along with Alphaville gave the eighties it's flava'! Not "Wambamboogie" for gawds' sake!
ChilledLime 2003/11/27 10:20 AM
Hide the neon socks & hairspray! The 80's were divided into the good and bad. This CD exposes the bad and ignores the good. The Cure, Depeche Mode, U2, UB40, etc are left out and the commercial crap is abounds! Pull out your old seven-singles!
Nemo 2003/11/27 10:27 AM
This CD is outrageous!! WOW!! My only regret is that I can't wear a hook-up skirt and zombies, like Madonna did in the 80's when I listen to this CD.
KaoZ 2003/11/27 11:59 AM
Return Of Rock What about the other wonders of the 80's. Metallica, Iron Maiden, AD/DC etc. We need those types of music to come back, not synth. Metallica, Kill 'Em All
et 2003/11/27 3:41 PM
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80's fan! 2003/11/27 5:12 PM
bring back the 80's! As an 80's fanatic - why are all the 80's albums the same why not put stuff like : Aphaville - Do you wanna dance with me or Ray Parker Jnr's Ghostbusters on more of the compilations!?
Michelle 2003/11/27 7:24 PM
where did the good stuff go? I'd say the majority of teenagers don't have a clue about the appreciation of real instruments eg: a guitar NOT a synthesized piece of junk!bring back Metal and REAL PUNK ROCK!!! Have a good look at the Red Hot Chilli Peppers they also are a band from the 80's
Fried 2003/11/30 11:18 PM
Oh-My-God! NO! This sounds like a "worst of the 80's"... there was some good stuff around, then - but this??????? Why even bother reviewing it - oh, hang on - it's a warning....
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