Adam Green - Minor Love

2010-07-01 10:08
Minor Love
And many of Adam Green’s worst songs are also his catchiest. Gemstones (2005) – the last album we reviewed - was full of some of his worst songs. Not that most South Africans have ever heard of this guy, whose previous albums compared voting for Bush to choking on a cock, and whose best song off Gemstones, "Losing on a Tuesday", didn't make a hell of a lot of sense.

But he's back, anyhow, with this one, and the cover doesn’t lie – featuring him in Post-Lou-Reed NY trendiness, gormlessly cool, and sounding a lot like a young Lou, too. And though it’s just as up-its-own-arse as the last one, the music’s a lot better this time. "Breaking Locks" explores the gritty glam of losing at love. His lyrics are still odd as hell, but he’s dumped the swearing for mere smelly-trendy self-indulgence.

Minor Love is far from musically exciting. Green’s infantile tunes are backed by equally infantile music and beats? It's the usual, plus the odd punked polka. But it’s all on purpose, the songs are wonderfully short, and Green sounds freshressingly different from everything else. Yes, just for that, it works.

"Carolina, She's from Texas / Red bricks drop from her vagina"... it can take years to erase a lyric like this from your mind.

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