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2009-12-31 07:36
For Your Entertainment
Yet, in a way, there's been too much focus on the man and too little focus on the music. And his most loyal fans only want to focus on the music.

He's proven that he can "sing his face off" to quote American Idol judge Randy Jackson, and on his new album he does just that, well mostly. There were so many top producers who wanted to get a piece of the Lambert pie that the album at times feels like an iPod playlist - different genres of music but in this case all by the same artist. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. It just means there is something for everyone. It's pop with some rock, electronic and dance numbers thrown in for good measure.

In "Whataya Want From Me", Lambert seems makes a plea to his fans and critics to be patient while deals with his newfound notoriety. The awesome first track "Music Again" (written Justin Hawkins of The Darkness) can't help make you think that a Hawkins/Lambert duet would be something out of this world.

"Aftermath" and "Sleepwalker" is bound to be loved fans who appreciated his rock sensibilities (remember those praise-worthy covers of "Cryin'", "Born To Be Wild" and "Whole Lotta Love"?) on Idol.

Kara DioGuardi hooked up with Lambert to pen "Strut", a sexy number that will make you want to walk down the road like a runway model. The Idol judge has certainly redeemed herself as a songwriter since the mess that was "No Boundaries".

Over all, it's a good first album with some catchy tunes that stick in your head long after you've finished listening to it. Good job, Glambert!

Adam Lambert's fans were outraged when he didn't win American Idol Season 8. But all that is in the past. Since the show, he has managed to attract more attention than Kris Allen (the winner for those of you who may not remember) - whether it was about his over-the-top, exciting performances on the show or his personal life.

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Cafwen 2010/07/08 14:04
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Haha - the album cover is ~meant~ to be ridiculous and get people talking. Which it clearly did. => I bought the album just after it came out here and it's STILL in my CD player, no word of lie. Absolutely love it - can't wait for the NEW album which should come out in 2011! I think with time Adam will have the opportunity to develop his own 'sound' - and hopefully co-write some more of the songs as well. The songs he co-wrote on the album are definitely some of my favourites. Anyways - fear not I guarantee he will continue keeping us entertained. No doubt.
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