Al B. Sure! - Honey I'm Home

2009-08-26 17:22
Honey I'm Home
If you're totally into calling your lover Papi (or Mami) you'll dig this slow burning set of ladies jams. Teasing lyrical come-ons such as "I like playing in your box, when it's late at night to our favourite song" will probably help you get your freak on instead of freaking you out. But despite foot tapping beats and promises in "All I Wanna Do…Is Make It Hot For You" with it's hip-hop intro you can't help but feel that all the excitement and fireworks will be taking place off the record.

Bait and switch entry "Top of your Lungs!" is a really likeable track. It's the 'desert of the real' for relationships. In contrast, big ass boasts like "All these single mommies on the dance floor…I ain't going home empty handed Jack" and "What you got in front of me suddenly looks good to me" on "Whatcha Got?" make the merits of Al B.'s ladies man moves less certain.

Still, if you like your romance with less bump and bump then intimate renditions of Michael Jackson's "Lady of My Life" and Sting's "Fragile" will certainly tweak your nostalgia strings and are good 'come down' songs.

Despite his considerable experience, the writer and producer credited with introducing Usher to the world, ultimately keeps it in the missionary position. Make no mistake, Al B. Sure fans will get it on with this album of 'bedroom jams'. But if you're more into def jam then you'll survive without it. No need to grin and bear it.

Unless you absolutely love 80s style R&B bedroom 'mood' music croons, Honey I'm Home won't do anything for your Mojo. And you'd better not be expecting Luther Vandross or Babyface either.

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