Alanis Morrissette - Flavors of Entanglement

2008-06-03 17:12
Flavors of Entanglement sees Alanis return to her roots. Her hair is long again, she's put the whole Ryan Reynolds-Scarlett Johansson episode to bed, and given up trying to be ‘Hollywood’. Her previous album, So Called Chaos saw her tiptoeing around mainstream pop and being labeled a sell-out. She was in love and it showed - much to the annoyance of fans - but hey, she remained true to who she was at that time.

With Entanglement Alanis moves away from such self-absorption and directs her focus outward – towards war, politics, culture and relationships. It’s a far cry from the 21-year-old Alanis of the narcissistic Jagged Little Pill.
But then she is a 34-year-old woman now, the restrained contempt simmering beneath many of these songs being evidence of her maturity. She's declared a moratorium on all things relationship: she's okay with having loved and lost, accepts her flaws and affirms that she's a sentient enough being to let down her guard by paying homage to "The Vulnerable Man".

According to Alanis the album is a "cross-section of joy and levity" and "reflects the war in peoples' living rooms". Whether she has authority on what happens in other peoples' living rooms remains to be seen, but she is certainly honest. Unadorned lyrics such as "to let go and let God" and "I miss your smell" are refreshingly austere for someone who once described herself as complicated and eloquent.

Album finale "Incomplete" is a revealing confession about her constant chase for enlightenment, and the security of marriage and kids. Clearly the evolution of Alanis is in constant motion. But as long as she is incomplete, she'll keep writing brilliant music and we'll keep listening. Especially since Flavors of Entanglement is her best album since the groundbreaking Jagged Little Pill.

- Ashlin Simpson

At first glance Flavors of Entanglement is a continuation of 2005’s Under Rug Swept with a similar sound and feel. But upon closer inspection Alanis' 7th studio album is a culmination of her career this far, an ode to where she was and where she is and perhaps even where she's going.

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Geoff 2008/06/04 1:11 PM
Alanis Morrissette - Flavors of Entanglement Good (and I think) accurate review - but please spell her surname correctly - one "r" guys!
Uncle 2008/06/04 1:51 PM
Scarlet vs Alanis Hmmm: Scarlet vs brainer.
ghost 2008/06/05 1:38 PM
Evolution of Alanis She tried to be ‘Hollywood’ and then lost her man to an actress. At least she finally learnt what irony is.
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