Alesha Dixon - The Alesha Show

2009-02-04 11:51
The Alesha Show
With the title of Britain's "Strictly come dancing" 2007 champion (UK version, okay - hence the confusion when you hear her name) also on her résumé, Alesha wants you to know that the entertainment world is her oyster and she's ready to conquer it. Whether she can is the question.

Her music is about as interesting as that pose on the CD cover, so don’t expect to be blown away. She tries hard to convince us that she hasn't lost that girly-girl persona that she had in Mis-teeq by singing about love, guys and whatever else goes along with it. But as radio pop songs you're not really sure how serious you should take her - especially if she’s so determined to make it on her own.

On tracks like "Cinderella Shoe" and "The Boy Does Nothing" you’ve got to wonder about the type of guys she falls for. And on "Play Me" and "Chasing Ghosts" her over the top cabaret-style tends to get her wandering way off the pop path so that we're not even sure she’s sure what she's up to. So, he Alesha Dixon Show may be easy on the ear, but you won't be that eager to hit replay.
If you’re not familiar with all girl British pop group Mis-teeq, you might have the nonchalant look on your face of “who’s that?” when you hear the name Alesha Dixon.

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