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Algebra - Purpose

2008-10-16 06:01
Ok, it's not all that bad. Algebra's voice is right up there with Indie Arie's for sweet 'n low appeal. But unfortunately, the music and message doesn't quite match up with an album like Acoustic Soul's pop charm.

The first few of tracks are lush and lovely, if you don't mind every word being sung on eight different notes (which is really just showing off). So you great got pitch control. We're impressed. Let's hear a bit more of the tune?
"Halfway" settles into a lovely jam - nothing original but music like this is similar to a can of caramel… you can keep swallowing until it makes you sick. And eventually, it does. This is the first and best of many similar songs featuring a guy who doesn't meet her halfway, doesn't call, doesn't do what she needs, but she can't leave him, etc. etc. etc. or how she'd do anything for him on "U Do it For Me".

Sadly, the album seems to revolve mainly around the same old clichéd scenarios, where the woman gives everything for love, and the guy gets to keep being this huge, inexplicably desirable d*ckhead. For all the empowerment stuff in the liner notes, and the big-ups to God and her mama, the mysterious "X" in Algebra's love life seems to be her female pride.

There's always one exception. Here it's "Run & Hide" - a wet 'n crunchy, feisty track about laying down the line and saying enough's enough. A bit more of this, and a bit less of the laying herself down, would have been very fine.

- Jean Barker

Neo-Soul's all good and cool, but sometimes it can become a parody of itself. Unfortunately that's what's happened on this pointless collection of chick-victim clichés.

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