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Alicia Keys - As I Am

2007-11-21 17:37
As I Am aptly testifies that Alicia Keys has evolved from her days as an R&B 'minor' who kept "fallin'" in and out of love into a street smart soul diva who could tell you a thing or two about "karma". She’s still as street as ever, but also has a classy edge: she's now saying she IS a "Superwoman". Never mind what Karen White said way back in the 90s!

She's still sticking to the usual R&B themes. Like healing a broken heart on "Lesson Learned" (with metro-sexual rock pin-up John Mayer). Or being a woman scorned on "Go Ahead" (featuring Floetry's Marsha). Ms. Keys is all woman and expresses her self with ease and confidence throughout.

The sassy neo-soul muso has also shifted gears slightly by fusing old school soul with a slick urban contemporary pop feel. "Tell You Something" is a beautiful ballad that just shines with live drums, piano and guitar. Alicia defies booty babe conformity and isn’t afraid to just be, which is why she’ll be around for some time.

-Gugu Mkhabela

Alicia Keys aka Alicia Mkhize to her Mzansi fans, knows that the key to keep us coming back for more is to just be herself.

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attie 2007/11/22 7:39 AM
class act Since Whitney lost the plot Alicia is the only class act left in R&B. She's also beautiful - unlike these other girls who seem to think that shaking their booty is good enough to sell CDs.
Peter 2007/11/22 7:59 AM
Awful Review, Great Album So you have done another of your awful reviews and in the process made a mockery of the best album released this year. Please keep your mindless dribble to a minimum. Alicia is evolving as an artist and compared to her last album which had more of a pop feel this is more of a return to neo-soul. Not the other way around, but its foolish of me to think that you would be able to tell the difference.
mandy-lee 2007/11/22 8:14 AM
please learn to read sigh...why be bitchy and personal with your comments people? the reviewer actually says "Alicia Keys has evolved"! slso, i agree with her comments that the album has more of a pop feel on some tracks. neo-soul is so 90s. pop is back.
Gugu 2007/11/22 8:26 AM
Thanks Peter I apreciate that u actually make time to read my "awful reviews" and dedicated an entire paragraph to reply to my "mindless dribble". If you read the review properly I do say Alicia is evolving but then again, some people only see what they want to see.
semikae 2007/11/22 9:47 AM
do you know ur music? i had the pleasure of listening to the album in question ms mkhize,and i find miself on the fence with this one.i like the fact that it has a little of old and new school. PS keep up with the mindless dribble its nys to here other people's views.
Peter 2007/11/22 10:45 AM
Can You Read? Thanks for replying you have actually pleasantly suprised me by doing so. Both you and mandy-lee should re-read my original comment, Your review says that she has evolved by "fusing old school soul with a slick urban contemporary pop feel" If you had taken the time to listen to her previous album prior to reviewing this one you would noticed that she is in fact leaning back towards the neo-soul and not incorporating more pop into this album compared to the last one. Mandy-Lee you are right about pop being back but Alicia has never been one to follow the trend which is why she is not following it. Gugu you cant take my comments to heart and dismiss them or you can be objective and take it as constructive criticism. The entire first paragraph of your review is wasted by you trying to incorporate some of her song titles into the sentences. Building a sentence around a song title makes you sound foolish. Your second paragraph is spot on, well done. The third one contains the misleadin
Jean Barker 2007/11/22 10:51 AM
Peter sorry but... "Awful reviews", "Mindless dribble". That's not constructive criticism, that's extremely rude. Imagine walking up to someone's desk and saying that to their face, and tell me I'm wrong. Please don't try to justify it as helpful. You're welcome to disagree - we love and encourage comments - but there's no need to be so aggressive!
Peter 2007/11/22 11:18 AM
Jean I never said my first comment was constructive, I was referring to the second one. You have obviously not read all of Gugu's reviews they are all done to this exact manner and are of the same quality. Compare them to the rest of the reviews on this site. And for the record I would tell her that to her face. The purpose of a review is to provide informed and correct information regarding an album all the while knowing that your opinion is going to be taken seriously.
jean barker 2007/11/22 11:48 AM
Ha ha ha Peter, I am the editor of this site. I think you'll find that once you've insulted someone, they aren't interested in your "constructive" criticism. Cheers.
Peter 2007/11/22 12:10 PM
I was wrong Jean, I was wrong not only have you read all of Gugu's reviews you must have also approved them. Thats saying something, I will however thank you coming in and and attempting to defend Gugu, obviously she couldnt do it by herself seeing as though I had questioned HER review. I still havent received any comments from either of you regarding her review and the points I raised about it. Anyway, many thanks for the great site.
postit 2007/11/22 12:27 PM
ha ha peter peter you sound like the type who cant be wron "ever". now i look forward to u "constructively criticising" my comment or however u choose to define "telling someone kak with a smile on yr face"... but really yr opinions are yrs, state them as such, too much time wasted on insults. cos in actual fac thats all what u sid was. as prettily and grammatically constructed as it may have been. u hav a good day now! im sure theres someone out there whose ass u cant wait to bite :)
Mongezi 2007/12/05 12:26 PM
Good music The new Alicia keys album its a must have because for real this women is talanted. This disc is receiving much airplay and from track one till the last track, the songs are amazing, so better get this album this christmas.
Nokubulela 2008/02/19 12:58 PM
hey hey I rest ma case now listen to track no.5 it will blow ur mind wont even mention the video i must say this the lady has a has a voice mind;;;She has a superb voice hands up;;
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