Alien Ant Farm - Truant - Nu-Metal's new hope

2006-03-29 18:27

When this band announced they'd be bouncing back with a new album one year to the day after the tour bus crash in which singer Dryden Mitchell broke his neck, you'd be forgiven for expecting some standard alternative bitter and twisted sounds.

The LA based Ant Farm however have used the brush with death to reinvigorate their sound. Gone is the bluster of their earlier Papa Roach infested and Limp Bizkit infected stadium rap rock tunes. Instead the Farmers combine clean production (courtesy of Dean and Robert DeLeo from grunge legends Stone Temple Pilots), with catchy harmony-heavy cuts reminiscent of early Chili Peppers grooves ("Sarah Wynn" and "These Days") and edgy steely chug-alongs ("1000 Days" and "Drifting Apart").

They also aren't afraid to engage in some serious sonic experimentation. "Never Meant" takes on a tex-mex inspired reggae lilt, while "Tia Lupe" goes Latino. The combination of new influences, bold choices and their added experience makes Truant one of the most exciting albums to emerge from the often formulaic nu-metal genre.

Don't be fooled by their insect-related album titles, comic inspired cover art, renegade videos and weird cover-tune choices (try a Michael Jackson cover on 2001's ANThology) Alien Ant Farm are the real nu-metal deal.

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