Aliens - Astronomy For Dogs

2007-08-03 08:31
It’s a gleeful, giddy, gauche and sweetly mournful psychedelic pop listen that finds the ex-Beta Band Scots easing from Primal Scream-infected, Happy Mondays-inflected baggy beat trips ("Robot Man", "Tomorrow”) into poignant Moody Blues laments ("Honest Again") and glam-Bowie pop punches (“The Happy Song”).

It gets quirkier too. "She Don't Love Me No More" and “Caravan” are strings-swollen, gently bruised psychedelic epics that somehow chart the missing links between Pink Floyd and The Monkees. If you’re bored by Billboard chart prefabrication and are searching for some seriously cosmic pop navel-gazing, then this cocktail of milk and cookies endorphins and a sneaky whisky bite is the retro-future road map you’ve been looking for.

- Miles Keylock

If the Grateful Dead, The Doors and The Monkees teamed up with the Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to try and impress their grandchildren, then Astronomy would be the album they’d make. Okay, that sounds bad… but this is good.

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