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All American Rejects - When the World Comes Down

2009-03-18 07:58
When the World Comes Down
Other than their breakout hit "Swing, Swing" of 2002, there hasn’t been much else to indicate that the world, particularly the emo section of it, were all that interested in them. Not when they have Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance and Three Word Bore to keep 'em entertained while they dye their hair black, drown kittens and write bad poetry about their overbearing mothers – or whatever it is they do.

Thankfully for the Rejects, they have a few of things working in their favour in this emo-saturated climate.

One: there's that super-catchy single of theirs you might've heard, "Gives You Hell", which has the whole simple, shouty chorus thing down pat.

Two: they're a little more fun, a lot more naughty – telling the cheater on "Damn Girl" that "When he's inside you, there's no room for me".

And three: there's lead singer Tyson Ritter, who has the best cheekbones in rock.

Of course, being a pretty boy means he gets into many complicated situations with the ladies. One can only guess what the chick being burned in "Gives You Hell" did to deserve such a huge fuck you.

The fun factor starts to wear out very quickly as we enter into the second half of the album. Big, weepy numbers like "Back to Me" and "Mona Lisa" are engineered for those old-school lighters aloft moments, and if you haven’t had enough after 12 tracks, there are six demo tracks to make you feel like it's R150 well spent.

According to the promotional sticker on the CD cover (one of those things meant to convince you that it's a must-buy) Alternative Press magazine apparently name When the World Comes Down "one of the most anticipated albums of the year". Now, that just doesn’t sound right.

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