All the ingredients, none of the taste - Matrix Reloaded - Soundtrack

2006-03-29 18:16

No surprises then that in Matrix Reloaded the line-up of nu-metal acts reads like an MTV "Headbangers Ball". Marilyn Manson ("This is the New Shit"), Rob Zombie ("Reload"), Rage Against The Machine ("Calm Like A Bomb") and newcomers Unloco ("Bruises") all, 'erm, rage against the machine without actually offering any alternative reality.

Worst of all is the almost unbearably uplifting P.O.D. who's tortuous "Sleeping Awake" serves to maintain the pompous metal Matrix illusion rather than to point out any glitch in the machine.

Surprisingly, Linkin Park get all moody on the spaced out instrumental "Session" while those usually bombastic ball-breakers Deftones ("Lucky You") find themselves trapped in a purgatorial cul-de-sac by doing their utmost to sound like a constipated version of Depeche Mode.

Rob Dougan's ominous neo-orchestral breakbeat swathes and Don Davis' lush string-driven cinematic sweep (on the "Matrix Reloaded Suite") both mercifully promise a possible escape from the cyber-metallic hell with Paul Oakenfold's remix of Dave Matthews' "When the World Ends" reaffirming that come Armageddon, God might well indeed be a DJ.

Knocking together a soundtrack worthy of one of cinema's most revolutionary sci-fi block-busters is every bit as tricky as creating a sequel to the film itself.

Jacques 2003/06/02 8:02 PM
Amazing Metal This is one of the best soundtracks to compliment one of the best movies of all time! If you are a metal and rock fan you will definitely love this CD. The P.O.D song may not be the best, but the music video is fantastic. Go get this now! 50 Cent - Get rich or die tryin'
Christopher Taylor 2003/06/02 11:01 PM
In the Zone The Matirx Reloaded is one of the best movies where the music complements the movie perfectly. Watching the fighting scenes and the dancing scene whilst listening to the music was almost like being there. I sat infront of the screen with a big smile on my was awesome. DMX Great Depression
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