Amy MacDonald – A Curious Thing

2010-04-22 07:44
A Curious Thing

A Curious Thing is professional enough, but it's pop rock by numbers – thoughtful in parts but peppered with terrible lyrical clichés like "I am the light in the dark" ("Spark") and "Love love love you tear my world apart".

Of course, Amy’s voice is still beautiful (she sounds a bit like local singer-songwriter Josie Field) and the arrangements are nicely put together and even, on the prelude section of “No Roots” impressively atmospheric. "Love Love Love" is cutely retro rock 'n roll - worth a listen. But the earnestness and well-intentioned naivety that made This is the Life so charming is wearing off after a few years in the industry.

But this album has no momentum, no spark. It's not very catchy pop, it's not very gripping rock, it's not groundbreaking song writing. It's overproduced and mushy. Even the single, "Don't Tell me it's Over" is unlikely to do more than loiter at the bottom of the UK charts.

Amy MacDonald – as in her musical career - is probably not over. She's young and very talented and extremely pretty. But now that she's grown up, she'll need to either take her clothes off more often, or find new reasons why the world should be interested in listening to what she has to say.

The thinking girl's pop princess, Amy MacDonald is looking prettier than ever. Sadly, though she's still sounding as pretty as she did on 2007's This is the Life, she's lost her freshness like a bunch of spinach wilting at an organic market.

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