Amy MacDonald - This is the Life

2007-11-23 07:53
Amy MacDonald is someone you can trust. Look at her name... how could she possibly be lying? These honest songs are propelled into the pop sphere by an innate sincerity, expressed in her perfectly pitched relaxed voice. At the root of this music is something deeply country – a genre that's so cosmopolitan at root that it's been reclaimed by everyone from Outkast to Jim White – and Dolly and her "don't laugh, they're paid for" tits are still going strong too.

Amy’s calmly passionate screw-you (We are the) "Youth of Today" is just one of many awesome songs that say it straight - no frills, no poetry, and minimal pretence. "Run" is the diva ballad Celine Dion couldn’t write. "Let’s Start a Band" takes the piss out of college rock hobbyists. So let’s pray the record industry doesn't swallow Amy, and spit her out as nothing but a covergirl with a passing patois. If it happened to Alicia Keys, it could happen to anyone.

- Jean Barker

It's fashionable to be obscure, to push the boundaries. What’s always much more unusual is an album that’s simply beautiful, like This is The Life. It’s actually *gasp* worth buying.

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