Angels and Airwaves - I-Empire

2008-01-14 17:37
These guys are in their 30s, have families and are accomplished musicians and businessmen. Yet they still understand teenage love and angst like it was back in the 90s. However, if you’re expecting the pace and punk that was Blink 182, you might be disappointed.

Intricate production, big scoring and a multitude of special effects make I-Empire sound more like a soundtrack - not surprising since they’ve written a motion picture with the same name. The production isn’t a band-aid for ailing musical talent, though. DeLonge is credited with the production and his compositional skills are far-reaching. Gone are the days of bouquets of clumsy words. This is how you say "I love you" in the biggest way.
"Prepare for the best and the fastest ride" in "Everything’s Magic" with irrepressible melodies and a pop memory you can’t deny, even if you want to. The pounding heart, unhealthy obsession and unnerving uncertainty of first love are laid bare in tracks like "Love Like Rockets" and "Sirens".

"Rite of Spring" takes you back to being a fed up teenager with your "shit guitar" and praying for better days. But would you change a single thing if your poor-boy story turned out like Tom's? No way. All the things any young rocker wishes for have come true for him - "From rock ‘n roll to love and cash".

This may be only their second album, but with the musical experience each of the band members brought to the table, they don’t need to prove anything. Best of all it sounds like they don’t even care if you like it or not.

Sam Brighton

What do you get when Blink 182’s guitarist teams up with the drummer from The Offspring, the guitarist from Box Car Racer and the bassist from 30 Seconds To Mars? This. Blink’s Tom DeLonge sounds all grown up on this bold and beautiful album.

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Oliver 2008/03/04 2:38 PM
You get a mess of uninspiring 80's tunes 30 sec clip with special effects used in submarine movies (call to arms), no noticeable hook, no bottom end, nothing special. Destined for the same place as Rockstar SuperNova.
Daniel 2008/03/10 12:21 PM
Note the difference... Reviewer and Vistor Ratings are always remarkably dissimilar. Maybe the reviewer is not on the pulse of the music scene?
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