Arno Jordaan - Beste Afrikaanse Hits

2008-12-24 09:15
Beste Afrikaans Hits
As every sokkie superstar knows, nothing rhymes with Afrikaans like babataal. Arno finds those elusive monosyllabic rhinestones with ease, making the words “Na na na”, “La la la ley” and “Hey yadi ho” forever his on a musical journey through dance and pop.

The lovesick cherub from Port Elizabeth nails his intended firmly to the bedposts in one of two original tracks, “Jy Is Die Een”, singing “Kom lê vanaand hier by my” so invitingly you’d probably have to stand in line to actually do so.
It’s hardly a surprise to find the learned hand of Kurt Darren on Arno’s chiseled shoulders, with writing credits on the brand new bokjol “Wil jy bly, wil jy gaan, of wag tot netnou”, as well as older favourites, lending true Skouspel pedigree to the record as a whole.

There’s more than enough treffers to party to, but thankfully, Beste Afrikaanse Hits remembers to take time off from the dancefloor, as Arno demonstrates how to marinate a goose. Spelling the word “Altyd” in the song of the same name, he sings: “A is vir die aande wat ons nog gaan lepel lê”. By the time he gets to “D”, the tannies at home will be so katools, it might be best to send them out of the living room.

To top it all off, fans are treated to not one but two Afrikaans medleys of Die Volk’s unofficial anthems: “Ska-rumba”, “Hak Hom Blokkies”, “Liewe Lulu”, etc. The medleys are loslit en lekker, and might yet be considered a lasting contribution to the Afrikaans language: no one has done a medley of those specific songs in the same order.

Well worth whatever you were told on TV to pay for it.

- Niel Bekker
Being Arno Jordaan’s girlfriend must be tiring. Sure, it’s nice to have your very own sokkie anthem, hearing “jy is die mooiste pop” now and again, but half a dozen gatstamp love songs is more than any girl could ask for. Knowing that his last 30 tracks were written for some other cherry doesn’t help things either. But Arno is all about the love, and perhaps that is why, barely halfway through his twenties, he wants to share it with us, in the form of a greatest hits album.

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Oom Jager 2008/10/15 4:08 PM
Die zeff het op my gespring.... en nou doen ek my ding. aah la laa hier kom haar ma. kyk, daar hardloop 'n duiker.. gee die sanna voor ek jou spyker. ek kan ook mos 'n band maak.
Jay 2008/10/16 8:33 AM
chiseled shoulders? Another bubblegum and baloon song artist for Afrikaans, nad chiseld shoulders? Most of these SA so called stars blow up like baloons. Maybe E TV can do a Biggest looser for Afrikaans celebs like Kurt, Arno and Nicholas Louw.
Martie 2008/10/16 12:29 PM
Arno Jordaan Are you jealous Jay???? You go Arno - you are one of the best!!!!
et1 2008/10/16 7:52 PM
net die beste It might come as no sad surprise that I too had been subjected to the blaspheme that Afrikaans popmusic has evolved into. In its entirety Arno’s tunes are monotonous to the extent that there are a reasonable number of us that would better spend an evening beating kittens in a bag with a blunt object. To add insult to injury however, Arno seems to leave some members of the fairer sex in a state of panic and bewilderment, others drip like coffee percolators. It seems that the vast majority of the ladies in question tend to wear tight white pants, too much blue eye-shadow (like valliant swart explained) and hail from brackenfell or parow respectively. What this observation serves to elucidate, albeit in a spectacularly elementary way, is that Arno Jordaan’s supporters are really all ‘tannies’. I’m not saying that Arno should be shot for trying to feed himself, but that his music should be regarded in terms of his target audience. The inevitable release of STAMP TREFFERS 113 isn’
et1 2008/10/16 7:54 PM
2 The inevitable release of STAMP TREFFERS 113 isn’t likely to affect me in any significant way. The same should logically apply to Arno Jordaan; It doesn’t. The reason being, that like other Afrikaans ‘gaskunstenaars’ (from Noot vir Noot), he is in the process of fashioning himself into somewhat of an Afrikaans folk icon. Kurt Darren did it and now everyone is on the bandwagon. Though in a perfect world a musical genre would always have criteria stretching beyond language alone, this isn’t the case at present. It is simply assumed that Afrikaans as a genre, refers to the aforementioned bubblegum pop which demands everyone's respect for the majesty of this Afrikaans lyrical genius we have all come to associate with our great culture.
et1 2008/10/16 7:55 PM
3 Somehow, the lyrics don’t seem to matter. In any event; I cannot reconcile stupidity and Afrikaans people as a whole. As I have explained, 'tannies' tent to have a certain fondness of Arno Jordaan's ensemble. Why then do perfectly educated and reasonably open-minded people continue to support this mind-numbing phenomenon? The only explanation that I might offer is that we are quite possibly the most sexually charged people on the planet. I say this because the sketch in your mind of Arno Jordaan playing at a sokkie, involves slutty come conservative girls in tight white pants.
et1 2008/10/16 7:56 PM
4 Dancing at a sokkie is like speed dating, without the need for exchange of personal details. If you see someone you like and she can dance to crappy Afrikaans popmusic which you don’t even like she must be a proper Afrikaanse boeremeisie and therefore your parents should like her too; so you throw caution to the wind - because lets face it, were all here for the same reason and it’s not the music – and you end up having a pretty good time at the after party. The result; you keep going back and Arno Jordaan thinks its because you like his music. Then, he releases: Arno Jordaan – Beste Afrikaanse Hits.. OOIT
Denots 2008/10/17 10:24 AM
Strooi Arno suig tol en sy musiek is bollie
denots 2008/10/17 10:30 AM
Girlfriend??? More like his boyfriend,
Froid 2008/10/17 11:09 AM
K@K!!!!!! Arno se musiek is iets om na te luister wanneer aan jy aan konstipasie ly...
Marius 2008/10/18 6:54 AM
Ai tog nog 'n afrikaanse bubblegum pop cd. Jammer, want sy stem is nie te sleg nie.
Boeremeisie 2008/10/18 2:47 PM
shut-up denots, you are one rude little excuse of a human being, is jy jaloers dat Arno nie jou boyfriend issie - jou bok-bollie met die kleinste tollie ....... assh****!!! et1 - only way you will ever get close to a girlfriend is to go to sokkie-sokkie - cant you find a decent date on your own .......... assh***** number two Froid - klink my jy is van konstipasie aanmekaar gesit, assh**** nommer DRIE Marius as jy kan better doen, hoekom sing jy nie self nie assh**** nommer 4
Crusader vir Not-Kak Musiek 2008/10/20 12:32 PM
@ Boeremeisie oooh..... lyk my jy's in 'n effense minderheid. jy kan tog nie redeneer dat almal wat NIE hou van arno seksueel frustreerd is nie (alhoewel die teenoorgestelde nie noodwendig vals is nie)
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